We are so HONOURED and EXCITED to show you some of the amazing weight loss results that our mums have achieved and shared with us.
Not only do our Healthy Mummy eating and weight loss plans transform the way mums look, feel and live their lives, but we are lucky enough to be part of their journey and this is something we are grateful for every single day.  Win a healthy mummy prize pack worth $315

So mums, THANK YOU for sharing your photos, inspiration and results with us.  They are fantastic and we love seeing them ALL.
Today we want to share and celebrate some of this weeks AMAZING weight loss results.
Below are just a few of our incredible transformations (which are all AMAZING) that were shared in our Support Group last week, and we would LOVE for you to read and be INSPIRED by these mums. If you love them and have been inspired by any one of them, then VOTE below for who’s story you relate to the most.
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1. Rae WillinghamFlash back Friday weight loss results - Rae

Rae says “I am a different woman!!  No longer am I sad and shy and fearful of judgement.  I’m proud and sassy and I own my stuff!  I couldn’t have achieved all that I have without The Healthy Mummy. I feel ALIVE and I can thank the 28 Day weight loss challenge and Healthy Mummy smoothies for that.  Never did I think that I would feel sexier and more confident 3 kids down but I do! Xx”

2. Robyn Jurd Flash back Friday weight loss results - Robyn Jurd

Robyn says “I have lost 19.5kg in the time I have been following Lose Baby Weight. I have almost completed my 9th 28 day weight loss challenge and love how convenient the meal plans are, I’m cooking things I would never have even thought about before.

Lose Baby Weight helped me find myself again, I’m so much happier now and a better Mumma to my two munchkins.”

3. Letitia Mills  Flash back friday weight loss results - Letitia Mills

Letitia says “Wow! I didn’t know how much of a difference my 13kg loss made until I put these pics together.
1st pic is from January this year, 2nd pic is from March this year and 3rd pic is from this month. 6 months postpartum. Little man was born in Dec 2015.  I am only 5 kg’s away from my 1st goal and that is to be in the double digits.

I can’t wait to say goodbye to the 100’s FOREVER!!!!!!  I love that I can not only see the difference but I can feel the difference also. I feel much happier within myself and I am so glad that I found Bec (my wonderful local The Healthy Mummy consultant) and The Healthy Mummy!”

4. Krystle Allan flash back friday weight loss results - Krystle Allan

Krystle says “The other day I posted my current photo and think I got a little down on myself. Then someone asked about my before photos and wow!! Over 20kg and stacks of cm’s!  What a change! Yes I do have more goals I want to achieve with toning but look how far i have come! Not only that but my confidence has grown so much!

I couldn’t recommend the Healthy Mummy smoothies any higher and wouldn’t have achieved this result without the 28 day weight loss challenge, smoothies, books and of course this group!
Thank you for keeping me on track!”

5. Brigitte Walshaw  Flash back Friday weight loss results - Brigitte Walshaw

Brigitte says “This is aimed for the ladies that get frustrated when the scales go up and the ladies that might be the first me or the second me. It’s why I think measurements are best. It’s also half a novel and gets pretty personal. I have been on the fence about sharing my story because I know a few of the ladies on this page but if it helps one person then my good deed for the year is done.

That first photo? I’m 49.5kgs in that photo. I remember that weight because I was obsessed with the scales. I had to be lighter every time I got on there and honestly I don’t know if I would of ever been happy with my weight. That girl ate once a day or if she wasn’t happy she’d eat every second day. She would exercise bare minimum 2 hours a day, rain or shine, tired or not – it was what I had to do. That girl was afraid of supermarkets – sounds strange but it was full of food which I didn’t want to see. That girl hid at meal times and declined dinner invitations because she didn’t want people to notice her not eating. She had been overweight most of her life and desperately wanted to be thin. She was miserable. She was causing her body harm.

Then she got pregnant and took advantage of eating for two. So much so she almost doubled her body weight by tipping the scales after her son was born around 90-91kgs in October last year. She is the woman in the middle photo. She had anxiety and thought her body would never be the same again. She put on a front for everyone to look like she was coping but she wasn’t. She saw a psychiatrist for help. Her best friend also did one of the best things she could ever do – she added me to healthy mummy support page. Seeing images of ladies larger, smaller and the same as me making changes by EATING and exercising inspired me.

That girl in the third picture? That’s me! I’m 61.5kgs yet I fit in the same dress in the first photo even though I’m 12kgs heavier. It seriously blew me away that it fits. I have muscles now yet my measurements are very similar to the first photo but I’m no longer skin and bone. So muscle mass means that I am indeed heavier than my first photo yet the same size! I eat so much GOOD food daily it sometimes feels like that’s all I do I exercise maybe an hour a day if that. For me having that first healthy mummy smoothie for breakfast on day one was a massive pivotal moment in my life. The lunch that followed was also huge and let’s not even start with how big of a moment eating dinner was too – that was 3 meals in ONE day. I now have snacks in between. I love trying to pick which recipe will be for dinner on the Lose Baby Weight website. I get excited to go food shopping. I have confidence in myself and how I look. But the biggest improvement is that I love me ❤️

So ladies what I’m trying to say is buy a damn measuring tape! Those scales might go up but that could be muscle and why on earth would you complain about being strong?”

6.  Devon Kelly  flash back friday weight loss results - Devon Kelly

Devon says “Resurfacing this photo for flashback friday! 11 months and 11kg difference 😲 the photo on the right was 4 months ago, I’m now 4 months pregnant with #2 but still lighter than I was pre pregnancy #1. I love Lose Baby Weight 💚💙💚💙“”

7. Elle Temple elle temple weight loss results

Elle says “I’m nearly a year into maintenance of 25kg I’ve lost using the healthy mummy plans, I’m so thankful for the convenience of the smoothies always giving me a reliable super quick and easy option and the 28 day plans for educating me on how to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off!”

Well done to ALL of these INCREDIBLE Mums, we are so proud of you.

Vote for the Mum who inspires you the most here for your chance to WIN and amazing Healthy Mummy prize pack.

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