My story started when I fell pregnant with my first son. Everything was going well until at 28 weeks I started bleeding.
The doctors suspected that I was experiencing placental abruption. I had to stop exercising and take it easy.
I started spending a lot of time relaxing and eating like I was eating for 2. I gained about 10kg throughout the pregnancy.


At 34 weeks I gave birth and my son spent 3 weeks in the premmie ward. I lived on a couch eating cafeteria food where I gained another 5kg.
One year later I became pregnant with my second son, where again I had medical problems and had to stop my exercise. I got up to 95kg during the pregnancy.
After I had my second child I came down to 85kg and that’s where I have stayed. I tried EVERYTHING to get my weight down.
I barely let anybody take photos of me at that time, which is weird because I used to do some alternative modelling.
When my son was 1 my husband joined the army and lost 30kg, which left me feeling even worse about myself.
Fast forward another year and that’s when I decided enough is enough.
I came across the Lose Baby Weight site. I looked through all the before and after pictures and read through all the stories.
I bought my first healthy mummy smoothies in January and also bought myself a treadmill.
So far I’m feeling great and my skin looks amazing.

  • I have lost 5kg
  • Lost 7cm from my bust
  • 4cm from my waist
  • 4cm from my hips
  • 2cm from my thighs

I’m doing 45 minutes each night on my treadmill and pole dancing once a week to get my strength back.
I’m having 2 Healthy Mummy Smoothies a day and making my meals from the Lose Baby Weight recipes pages. Even my family love the food.
I have kept myself motivated by reading the success stories everyday. I want to be happy and healthy for my family, and win my body back.
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