We’re getting closer to the half way mark of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and looking at everyone’s photos, thoughts and feedback about how they’re tracking is so inspirational.
28_day_weight_loss_challengeIt’s great to see how people are making the Meal Plans their own and changing things around if they don’t like an ingredient or have certain dietary requirements.
What’s even better is reading all the support and tips everyone provides when someone posts a question or issue – we really are all in this together, helping each other reach our goals.
So many great photos of the meals you’ve prepared, your motivation boards, your exercise results and all your successes.

Here’s what you’re saying about Week 2:

  • “Yummy strawberry granola from the 28 Day Challenge – my kids LOVE this as a snack
  • “Grilled tomato & scrambled egg on a slice of wholemeal toast, I added 20g ham & fresh avocado on my toast. Yum!!!”
  • “Yummy food, good exercises- a loss of 1.1kgs this week with a total 12cm off my body!!! Wow!!! Amazing results already. Bring on next week!”
  • “I am 1kg down since starting last Monday YIPPEE!! Only 4 more kilos until I reach my mini goal of 79 which I hope to reach before we head back to Victoria in October.”
  • “Oh my god. Just made the chilli chicken and roasted capsicum couscous for tonight’s dinner. It tastes amazing! Gave hubby a taste test too and even he said it was yum!”
  • “Our dinner was great last night it got the tick of approval from my fiancée and our toddler. Had the rissoles and sweet potato chips, I used turkey mince and we shared the hot banana caramel creams YUM!”
  • “By the way, the sweet mustard chicken was TO DIE FOR!!! Another regular to add to our list.”
  • Yet another fabulous day! Another delicious dinner, first time I’ve ever tried these noodles ~ YUM! I was also blessed by my husband who surprised me with a bunch of flowers & a card to tell me how proud he is of me, my progress, my dedication etc. What an uplifting thing.”

Keep up the great work everyone and continue posting your pics, thoughts and questions as this is how we support each other and DO THIS TOGETHER!
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