The weather is getting cooler and with those dropping temperatures comes blustery winds, chilly mornings and days spent inside either by the heater or enjoying central heating of some sort.
Unfortunately, the cold conditions and our desire to stay snug and warm can take a bit of a toll on our poor skin.
This is especially true when we’re out and about, trying to squeeze in exercise to help with our weight loss or escape the house with a cranky toddler or tired newborn. We’ve all returned home from a walk at the park to be greeted by wind burnt cheeks and chapped lips.
The areas that are kept under wraps don’t fare much better either, with dry, flaky and scaly skin popping up on arms and legs.
Luckily, a few simple switches to your skincare regime can mean that your face and body is kept soft and supple, even after a day spent out in the wind or a few hours next to the heater.

Easy skincare switches for winter
  • Swap your gel/foaming face wash for a creamy cleanser – Foaming or gel formulations are great for the warmer weather, when we need to take care of excess oil and things like sweat and grime, but when the temperature cools down, we need a cleanser that won’t strip our skin of essential moisture. Switching to a creamy formulation helps nourish and soothe skin while ensuring that moisture levels stay high.
  • Swap your lotion for a cream – If your bottle of moisturiser has the word ‘lotion’ on it, it might be worth switching for one with the word ‘cream’ written across the front. Lotions are lighter formulas, designed to absorb quickly and without residue. A cream formulation will still absorb but will help provide a barrier on the skin to protect it from cold and wind.
  • Swap your bubble bath/shower gel for a bath/shower oil – Bath/shower oils are a fantastic multi-tasker for the cooler months. Instead of stripping away dirt from the skin, they gently bind to it and lift it off, all while leaving behind a skin protecting film that acts as a fantastic moisturiser.
  • Swap lippie for a tinted lipbalm – While many lipstick formulations have moisturising properties, central heating and cold weather call for a product that packs more of a nourishing punch. Avoid chaps and cracks with a coloured lipbalm.
  • Swap hand cream for a hand balm – If your hands tend to dry out badly in winter, it might be worth investing in a thicker, balm formulation. These products help to seal moisture into the skin and repel water away, making it easier for skin to stay soft and smooth.
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