Do you need to lose weight fast? Winter is nearly over and that means less coats and less layers to cover our extra kilos. And that means our post-baby weight will be on our minds more. How have you fared? Is your waistline thinner? Or does the idea of warmer weather fill you with dread?
If you are still trying to lose pregnancy weight the best way to get healthy fast is to get moving and keep moving.
It might not be warm yet, but you need to get out of the house and rug up your bub and go for lots of walks every time it’s not raining.
When you’re waiting for the washing to finish its cycle do some squats. When you wake up try some pushups to wake up your core muscles and get you breathing. When the bub is fast asleep and you’re watching TV at night do some leg lifts. When you’re at a cafe (not eating cake!) do some squeeze your bum muscles hold for 5 seconds and release.
Are you starting to see the pattern here? That’s right… It doesn’t matter what you do just so long as you are being active.
Losing weight also requires a sensible weight loss plan. Planning is the key to achieving anything in life, and weight loss is no exception.
But even without a set plan you know the foods you need to avoid and once you get used to saying ‘no thank you’ going without the naughty treats get easier. Lots of water, lots of colourful vegetables, lean protein… It all helps you beat winter and lose weight fast.
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