It is coming up to the end of the month again which means it is time to SEND IN YOUR WEIGHT LOSS STORY where you have lost weight whilst using the Lose Baby Weight plans and or products

Your story can be since you have been on the Lose Baby Weight plans or over the month of June
If your story is picked we will share on our website and Facebook page to help to motivate other mums on their weight loss journey too and you will be sent a Myer voucher too so you can go shopping – and if you live outside of Australia we will arrange for you to be sent a voucher to a department store in your Country.
And we have $2,000 in Myer vouchers to give away (10 mums will receive a $100 voucher and 5 mums will receive a $200 voucher)

FIFTEEN mums will receive vouchers!

Please send in your story about how the Lose Baby Weight plans have helped you – no matter how big or small your weight loss and success has been.
You may have lost a few KG, or you may have lost inches, or have increased energy, you may have dropped a dress size or two or you may now have reached your goal weight.
1 x mum will receive a $350 voucher
3 x mums will receive a $150 voucher
12 x mums will receive a $100 voucher
Whatever your success story on the Lose Baby Weight plans, SEND IN YOUR STORY!
Please include a before and a full length after shot (which shows your weight loss) with your story and email us on [email protected] with the subject line JUNE WEIGHT LOSS VOUCHERS
Send your story and photos in by July 1
Please note that only Lose Baby Weight/Healthy Mummy customers are eligible for the vouchers.
You can see some past health and weight loss success stories here too
And don’t forget that our Winter Weight Loss Challenge starts on July 1 – join here