Win An Awesome Challenge Rate

Till midnight tonight we have an awesome competition for mums on a strict budget who have never been able to join our 28 Day Challenge!
Every week we get 1000’s of emails from mums asking to join the 28 Day Challenge at a very low rate.
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However, running the Challenge is VERY expensive.
We have over 22 full time staff who are essential to delivering our awesome Challenge. We are always innovating and updating to ensure the Challenge keeps getting better and better.
Here’s a little window into what goes on to bring you the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge…

  • Every one of the 100+ recipes is new each month.
  • We have over 1,900 recipes currently in our Challenge hub
  • Every recipe is created by our nutritionists
  • Every one is triple tested by our chefs
  • Every recipe is then photographed by our photographers.

Then there are all the website team, the support team, the copy checkers, the project team, the customer service team, the marketing team, the product team, the warehouse team, the books team, the admin team – and more!
It is a big job – and we always want to do our best. But we also want to ensure you receive great value and that you’re convinced this IS the best value and priced plan ANYWHERE.
We do understand that so many mums still can’t afford it – so we are giving 100 mums the chance to WIN A SPECIAL RATE
Enter below, tell us why you’d like to receive a great budget rate. We will contact you TODAY if you have been selected.
Please note that this is designed to help mums who simply cannot afford to join the Challenge and feel they have been missing out on all the fantastic recipes.