At The Healthy Mummy, we pride ourselves in proving the best information to empower mums to live a healthier life and to maintain a healthy weight.
We also ensure that we constantly LISTEN and give back our community of mums ALL THE TIME
We are a grass roots business and we always want to reward you for your support and feedback as you have been integral in our Company growth
And today we have an AWESOME prize – a Thermomix giveaway – Please note that we actually buy the Thermomix with our own money – we have no association with Thermomix at all – we just think it is is a cool prize for you to win!

Our EXCITING giveaway – A THERMOMIX!!!

win a thermomix

Not only are we giving away a Thermomix, but also a Louise Fulton Keats Kids Thermomix Kids Cookbook, a Thermoserve AND a Thermomix tool kit, all with a combined RRP of $2,260!!

To enter all you have to do is tell us how much weight you gained during your pregnancy and what weight loss help you would most like from us.

We’re so excited about this one!!!!!

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Good luck and THANK YOU

The the Healthy Mummy team xxx
Every month on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, we run a BRAND NEW 28 Day Menu with a different theme so you NEVER get bored!Next months theme is the ENERGY & METABOLISM BOOSTING! – so if you are feeling a tad tired – this one is right up your avenue!!
If you are curious about the 28 Day Challenge recipes then we have a 28 Day Challenge recipe pack for you to try here  
Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 9.42.53 AM

About the 28 Day Challenge

A few key things to note are:

  • The Challenge menu is FULLY customisable
  • You have access to over 1800 exclusive recipes
  • You have access to over 300 exercise routines
  • Meals are family friendly and are made in under 10-20 minutes

For a limited time, we are offering you a HUGE DISCOUNT on the lifetime membership discount on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – you can see this awesome offer here.

Here are some INCREDIBLE results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

And did you know that mums get AMAZING results on the Challenge too? Like SERIOUSLY AMAZING!!!
Here are a few incredible transformations from mums on our Challenges
Alanna lost 10kg
Shelli lost 15kg
Lauren lost 15kg
And if you are new to the 28 Day Challenge – these are just a few of the reasons we think it is AWESOME!!
✔ You receive daily & customisable meal plans
✔ Personalised shopping lists
✔ NO 1200 calorie restrictions so you don’t go hungry
✔ Over 1800 easy & family friendly recipes
✔ Daily exercises with videos
✔ Daily support from over 10,000 mums on the Challenge with you
✔ The Challenge is made 100% for mums
✔ It is huge value at just over $1 a day

The May 28 Day Challenge is an AWESOME one to join and is the ENERGY & METABOLISM Challenge and will bring with it 100 NEW recipes
Until MONDAY 18th April we have a HUGE 50% discount on the Challenge meaning you can join for under $1 a day PLUS you will also receive $50 in FREE recipe books when you join!
You can take part with over 10,000 other mums here
Plus get the Belly Buster Book FREE when you join today!
So May will bring with it 100 NEW recipes and here is a sneak peek of some of the new ones – and here you can even try some of the recipes too!
AND EXTRA EXTRA good news is that until TUESDAY 26th April we have a HUGE 50% discount on the Challenge meaning you can join for under $1 a day! You can see further details here
May Challenge
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Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 9.39.26 PM
Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 9.17.46 PM
Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 9.20.00 PM
Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 9.14.06 PM
Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 7.52.21 PM
Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 7.52.58 PM
Take part here