Today marks 82 Days left of our 100 Days Until Summer Countdown.
And you have the chance to WIN an awesome smoothie prize pack to get you in shape for Summer which consists of:

  • 1 x Vanilla Smoothie tub
  • 1 x Strawberry Smoothie tub
  • 1 x Exercise DVD
  • 1 x 28 day Diet & Exercise Book

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To enter simply read the success stories from some of our mums on our plans, choose which one INSPIRES you the most and fill out your details in the form below:

Krystle Loses 38kgs*

krystleI love how all the calories are already worked out for you on the 28 Day Challenge meal plans and recipes are already there. This simplifies life for me while I am learning to have a different relationship with food. I am also learning that eating the correct amount of calories to assist weight loss is crucial.
I have always been overweight, so Lose Baby Weight is helping me to change a lifetime of habits.  
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Tawhai Loses 46kgs*

“I have been following Lose Baby Weight for a year and the September Challenge last year was my first. I lost 46kgs in 11 months and having been maintaining since then. My life has changed so much, even Facebook doesn’t try and tag me in my before photos.
My tip is – do not let the scales dictate how you feel about yourself. They do not tell you how much fitter you are, healthier you are, happier you are or how much more energy you have.” 
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Lauren Loses 18kgs*

Lose Baby Weight- 18kg Loss
“I have been following the Lose Baby Weight programme including the smoothies and the 28 day book and challenges since May 2014. Approximately 3 months post-partum,and my last baby, 16 months after my first and I knew it was time to focus on me again. The weight started to fall off me, slow but steady and that was before I had even started exercising properly due to my c section, I knew I was onto a winner. Not only has Lose Baby Weight seen me lose 18kgs and getting down to 55kgs, I’ve now been maintaining my weight all throughout winter, and ready to smash this spring and summer and that’s something I’ve never been able to accomplish.” 
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Casey Loses 22.3kgs*

“I tried another very popular weight loss program and it didn’t work. It was full of processed sugar laden foods and I thought this can’t be right! I’m starving! I had followed LBW on Facebook but couldn’t get my head around “more food is less weight” and was too scared to try it. In FEB I did! And thank god! Because all of a sudden everything just “clicked” and made sense!! How could I have lived my life as a big girl! Surely it can’t be this easy!! Well it is.
Thanks to the Lose Baby Weight team I’m almost (about 8 kg) from my goal weight! I have popped the scales away for 100 days til summer!! Here is to a healthier me – for the rest of my life!!” 
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