A lot of mums on the Lose Baby Weight plans are able to pinpoint one thing, one comment, one moment, or one quote that helped them start their health & weight loss journey.
So today we thought we would pull some of them together in the hope that someone out there will read them and have their own ‘lightbulb moment’ to kick off their own success story.

36 reasons

36 reasons why you should start losing weight in a healthy way:
  1. Your jeans will fit better – without the muffin top
  2. People will comment on how good you are looking
  3. You will live longer so your kids will have you around for years to come
  4. You can buy bras from a department store
  5. You can take up a new hobby that you weren’t comfortable trying before, such as stand up paddle boarding, surfing or maybe even a 5km run
  6. You won’t feel as sweaty which will make you feel more confident
  7. You might find your sex drive improves
  8. You will be setting up your kids for a lifetime of healthy habits, good food and exercise
  9. You can buy (and feel hot in) sexy lingerie
  10. To prove to yourself (and anyone else for that matter) that you can
  11. You will feel less sluggish as healthy food improves digestion
  12. Reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes
  13. You might become one of those people that say ‘I just love to go for a run’
  14. You will have more energy to run around with your kids
  15. It’s a great excuse to buy new clothes, especially if yours are waaaaay too big
  16. You’ll sleep better. Which means that a crying or whining child will seem less annoying
  17. It may help you in your career, as some jobs have fitness tests to complete
  18. You’ll never risk becoming a burden to your family because of your weight
  19. If you have to get up and make a speech or a presentation, you won’t be worried about people judging you based on your size
  20. When someone suggests going for a swim you won’t have to worry about how you will look in a swimsuit
  21. You might get asked for advice on how to lose weight from friends and family
  22. You can share healthy recipes with friends
  23. It might mean you can reduce your medication if your weight was causing the issue
  24. You can use your New Year’s resolutions for something else
  25. It helps you to appear more attractive to a potential partner, especially as you will appear more confident
  26. Passing by a mirror will bring a smile to your face, not a grimace
  27. Getting dressed to go out won’t be fraught with anxiety or depression
  28. You might lose the back ache
  29. A big set of stairs won’t leave you breathless
  30. When it’s hot you can wear a skirt or shorts without worrying about how your lges look in them
  31. You won’t hide away when someone wants to take your photograph
  32. Your family will eat healthier food because you are
  33. When you feel like dancing at a party, you might just go ahead and do it
  34. You can wear slim fitting clothes that suit you, instead of trying to hide away under baggy outfits
  35. You can go to your reunion and not have to worry that people won’t recognise you
  36. To feel the best you can about yourself, because you deserve it

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