In a world where food (especially the unhealthy and highly processed kind) is so readily available, it can be tough to change unhealthy eating. But what really makes eating healthy SO hard? Why don’t our bodies crave the stuff that’s good for us?
The answer is rather complicated, but we’ll try to put it simply. Our taste buds have been genetically engineered to crave high-calorie, high-fat foods (that we used to need for energy—hunting, gathering, exploring the continent, etc), and now we’ve created food that tastes even better than nature’s, which makes lettuce a hard sell when compared to a juicy burger.

The bad news:

Processed and fast foods can truly be addictive. Processed foods contain carefully orchestrated flavors and other sensory factors designed to be as addictive as possible.
This is in stark contrast to whole foods, the taste and consistency of which was created by nature and therefore work with your body to satiate hunger and nutritional cravings.

The good news:

This “addiction” goes both ways, and you can slowly start to change your tastes and become “addicted” to healthier foods if you start eating them enough. By adding more “good fats” such as olive oil, nuts seeds, etc. Low GI “carbohydrates” such as wholegrains, quinoa brown rice etc and healthy “proteins” such as chicken, fish, legumes etc. You will be able to keep yourself, feeling fuller and more satisfied from the foods you are eating.
So what does this all mean? By choosing healthier options, like whole-grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, high quality protein. You are helping your body feel fuller for longer and less likely to have cravings for sweet, greasy unhealthy foods.
It’s important to remember that creating new habits (both good and bad) takes time. It’s safe to assume that you’ll have a hard time sticking with your healthy diet if you go from regularly eating french fries to strictly salads in one day. Gradual small changes are what really work for most people. Start with simple swaps like replacing your daily afternoon chocolate bar or dessert with healthier sweet snack like home made protein balls.
By re framing an all-or-nothing approach in favor of small, realistic changes, you’ll be more likely to break the high fat, high sugar habits for good. It’s perfectly fine to enjoy a little pizza or chocolate now and then, but you may find that eating healthy most of the time is not only possible, it’s enjoyable!
Sarah Michelle Weir
Adv Dip Nutritional Medicine, Nutritionist

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