Knowing where to start with your weight loss campaign is one of the toughest challenges and it goes back to the saying of the first step is the hardest.
But making the first step to losing weight and getting healthy is the best thing you can do in life and your body and health will thank you for it forever.
So at Lose Baby Weight, what are our top tips to get started?
1) Jump on the scales and take control and accountability of how much you weigh today. This will give you something to measure your weekly success by and we also suggest taking your measurements at the same time. Also make sure you take your measurements too as this will give you a great indication of how your body is shrinking as the weeks go go.
2) Work out your BMR. Although we do not advocate strict calorie counting (it becomes restrictive and hard to stick to) it is good to have a rough idea of how many calories your body needs every day. You can use our free BMR calculator here
3) Track your progress. Use our free weight loss tracking system which lets you monitor your daily exercise, measurements and weight – and which will keep you motivated as the weeks pass by.
4) Find a weight loss plan that works for you. It could be the Lose Baby Weight Plans (and we hope it is) but it could be Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers – just find something that is doable, fits into your life and offers you help, support and a hollistic plan – which takes into account the pressures of being a mum
5) Be motivated. Read about women who have overcome their struggles and lost their baby weight – click here to see stories – then write down your own reasons for wanting to lose the weight and keep it in a safe place to refer back to in tough times
6) Set yourself mini goals and challenges. It may be that in 4 weeks you want to have achieved a 4kg weight loss. And give yourself a non food reward when you reach it
7) Clean out your cupboards. Throw out junk and processed food and restock with healthy foods
8) Start incorporating exercising into your daily life – start with a daily walk and then start doing extra exercises likes squats and core work during your day. You can also see easy exercises to do at home with our fitness expert here.
The most important thing is to START. No matter how small the step just make the first step today and if you would like to join the Lose Baby Weight plans please browse our Shop here and look through our website for inspiration, healthy recipes and exercise advice plus see our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan here
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine and you can get a 10% discount by using code LOYALTY at the checkout.

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