Whether you’re new to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and waiting for the next one to start or you’re a seasoned Challenge Member, what do you do in between rounds?
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Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, you don’t need to stop your healthy eating meal plans or wait until the next Challenge starts to commence working towards your healthy weight loss goals.
Here are our tips for what to do in between Challenges:

  • Log in to the Challenge Hub and access the last meal plan available from the previous Challenge (e.g. if waiting for April to start, go to the March Challenge meal plans).
  • If you’ve done our Challenges before then you’ll know you can customise the suggested Meal Plan to suit your needs, budget and tastes. So as you would during a Challenge, just create a customised Meal Plan to cover you for the time in between a Challenge starting.
  • If you have just joined the 28 Day Challenges then you can also customise a Meal Plan and get a feel for how our healthy eating meal plans work.
  • Watch the Tutorial Video that you can find on the Challenge Hub homepage for instructions on how to customise as well as navigate around the Challenges.
  • You could follow the Meal Plan from the last week of the previous Challenge or get some practice with customising things to suit your needs.
  • Search for recipes that you think you may like to try or be adventurous and try some flavours you may not have eaten before.
  • Ask your family what types of meals they’d like to eat for the week and you’ll probably be able to find healthy versions of their requests in the Challenge Recipe Hub – burgers, pasta, Mexican, Asian, hot dogs, desserts etc.
  • You can create your plan to suit the number of servings you need to prepare for the week as well as to work with your calorie requirements for each day.
  • Add a few snacks that you can make in bulk before the week starts so you have healthy food that’s easy to grab and don’t have the excuse to choose unhealthy options.
  • You can print out your customised Meal Plan just like during a Challenge, as well as the recipes and shopping list.
  • Use the time in between Challenges to try out or continue with the exercise plans too. You can follow the routines from previous Challenge Rounds and get an idea of the types of exercises included or to continue with your healthy lifestyle.
  • The time in between Challenge rounds is great to really get to know what information and tools are provided in the Challenge Hub.
  • Use this time to have a practice run with the Challenge, really get to know what support and tools are available to you or to continue to reach your goals.

Don’t let the time in between rounds stop you – get going now to a healthier, happier life!
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