It’s official – The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is getting bigger and bigger – and almost is becoming a separate brand in itself.
Due to its sheer popularity, the word of mouth of the challenge is spreading like wild fire through mums all over the Country who love and use it constantly.
28 Day Weight Loss Challenge
And due to the huge growth and awareness of the challenge there is another online challenge that people often draw comparison to – and that is the extremely famous & popular Michelle Bridges’ 12WBT.
Firstly, we would like to say that we admire Michelle enormously. She is incredible. Is an incredible health ambassador. Has an incredible business and is a fitness machine (We read that she works out for 3 hours every morning – can you imagine trying to fit that in!!)
But our Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has some very distinct differences to the popular 12WBT and below we have briefly outlined those – and the biggest one is that our Challenge is just for mums and all our focus goes into creating the best possible program that busy mums can use and follow with ease.
We have also posted below a recent feed from our Forum where a member asked what the differences were and you can read feedback from mums who have done both or who are currently using our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Key points

  • The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is created 100% for mums. All our focus is on mums and we put all of our attention on creating a program that is designed to help busy mums be healthy and lose weight in a healthy way. It is what we do 24/7
  • The menu family and budget friendly and serve sizes can be increased to serve your entire family
  • The whole program is breastfeeding friendly
  • The exercise program is created for mums and we have alternate exercises for mums with pelvic floor issues or muscle separation
  • The daily exercises plan (all complete with videos) are done at home and are realistic and achievable. They are completed in under 30 minutes a day and fit into a busy mums life – and are very effective.
  • We have a private support group with over 39,000 supportive and like minded mums to chat to every day and over 250,000 mums on our social pages
  • We offer incredible value – the 28 Day Challenge runs every month – so you have monthly meal plans and exercises plans and the membership cost is under $1 a day (there are no lock ins and you can cancel at any time).
  • You have permanent access to all meal plans, recipes and exercises – As long as you are a member you have full access and we run new meal and exercise plans every month.
  • Each 28 Day Challenge is achievable and doable. Perfect for busy mums. The set menu is between 1400 – 1500 calories a day and then you can increase calories if you are breastfeeding or have a higher BMR

We are a niche weight loss company and our niche is you – busy mums!
We understand what life and budgets are like when you are a busy mum and we give you incredible value, support and tools to feel healthy and energetic.
We also reinvest all our profits back into the business to make it bigger and better every month
So if you are a busy mum, you should take a look at our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge as we made it just for you. Have a read below of feedback from mums too.
Busy mums

The differences mums said between 12WBT & 28DWLC

Amy Donnelly ASKS –
Do any ladies have experience with Michelle bridges 12 week body transformation and the 28day challenge? Are they similar?
How intense is the 28day challenge? I’m asking because I’ve attempted the 12wbt before and it was very full on and I have a newborn and do not think I could not keep up with it. The challenge meals look delicious!
  • Tasheena Snow The challenge is different to Michelle Bridges as it is designed for busy mums xx
  • Kristy Walker its very mum friendly the meals usually are prepared in less the 15minutes snacks can alot of the time be prepared in advance
  • Nikki Thornton I did 2 rounds of mb and this is soo much better and realistic it’s not kill yourselves with hours of exercise. I’ve found this mentally better and kids love the food.
  • Jasmine Lee I can’t give u advice on Michelle’s as I’ve never done it. But what I can say is your ready to change ur lifestyle & your families. You have found the right place! So much support, so many great easy to follow recipes & if your signing up for challenge…See More
  • Stacey Rosser So far i’m finding this one easier. I like that it is month on month off rather than 12 weeks. My kids are enjoying the food as is hubby (mostly). The menu plan can be customised online and it updates your shopping list, any changes on MB were a PITA to change on the shopping list by hand.
    It just feels more family friendly.
  • Kerri Grainger I’ve done mb but too could not bring myself to do the intense exercise this is much better.
  • Jenny Watson I’ve done both  this is much more realistic. And easier to get through. The results are the same for me  just not killing myself to stay within 1200 calories has been a blessing
  • Tegan Nichols I have not done the Michelle bridges diet but I love the 28 day challenge. It is easy to follow, the food is amazing and the meals are pretty cheap to make once you have all the staples. I would recommend the 28 day challenge to anyone with a busy lifestyle. The best part is you can change the meals around to suite you and your budget/tastes. 100% worth every cent you pay.
  • Crystal Spring Watson Did the challenge lost 11 kg fairly quick but couldn’t keep up with the exercise and meals we not as easy
  • Christie Anne P I’ve tried Michelle bridges before. Honestly .. I didn’t belong there. The program never truly got the demands of motherhood and tailor food and lifestyle to suit me as a busy mother. I have pretty much tried every program and never had ad much success as with lose baby weight. Majority because of the program and also the support and feeling of belonging. You will not regret it if you truely commit to it
  • Kristen Linton Agree with Tasheena. I ahve done michelle bridges & it is very full on compared to 28 day Challenge. These meals are quick & easy to prepare
  • Kristen Linton To me this programme is better than Michelle Bridges, also more affordable
  • Joanne Tawaf I did one round of 12wbt but prefer the LBW plans ive had more success on the LBW than I did with Michelle bridges its not ideal for busy mums
  • Lee Anning I have done MB before I fell pregnant with no 3 and tried to do it after but just didn’t work for me with 3 kids. These meals are very quick to organise and I love that you can make some healthy treats to put in the freezer. I also find these meals easier to sub things in and out of if you don’t have an ingredient.
  • Samantha Hasell Gubiani I’ve tried MB which didn’t fit in with being a mum. This IS for mum’s. Food, exercise & support, all done with being a mum in mind. Because it fits in with your lifestyle, you stick to & it becomes second nature, not a ‘diet’. Good luck with your weight loss
  • Kandice Jade Altmann I did a round of Michelle bridges 12wbt and have attempted this one. They are both good. Both have quick and easy meals. Both have meal plans. Both have exercise plans. Both have weigh ins. Both have fantastic and yummy food. I guess it depends how long you’d like to go for
  • Amy Donnelly Thanks everyone! I’ve made up my mind I will give this challenge a go!
    How long does the content stay available after the 28days is up? Is it available during the off month?
  • Michelle Eaton This million times better then 12wbt I couldn’t even stick to 2 weeks
  • Kristen Linton If you subscribe you have access to past chellenges. If you just do 28 day challenge its only availble for the 28 days
  • Libby Butler 12wbt is very full on and quite different to LBW in that sense.. Calorie allowance is much more generous and realistic, and we don’t have to pretty much starve ourselves..
    12wbt is focused on fast weight loss, with no support for maintaining weight unless you want to keep paying them.
    LBW is also much more affordable and family friendly
  • Kristen Linton Check out the link Tasheena has posted, all the info will be there
  • Kerry Fredericks I’ve done both and had very good success with Michelle. But for a Mum of a newborn the 28 day challenge is simpler. Meal prep, choice and exercise is much more friendly and attainable to a time poor mother.
  • Rhian Allen Hi Amy Donnelly as long as you are a member you have permanent access – it never goes away and you have back access to all previous challenge and ours is MUCH better value cost wise to from what you pay
  • Nicole Judge LBW 28 day plan **** all over Michelle Bridges 12 week transformation!! Prefer LBW way way more, customisable, more family friends and meals/snacks are more delicious.
  • Jennifer Wright I know someone who did MB and couldn’t do it
    Didn’t work for her family (but hubby is a huge pain in the ass)
  • Amy Donnelly Thanks I’ve just read through all the information and I love how affordable it is and how there is no contracts.
    I’m definitely subscribing at the next challenge. For now I’ve got my smoothies and the recipes from the 28 day plan book to keep me on track.
  • Lucy Reynaud I tried the other, but have stick with this – they are worlds apart. 12WBT is about severe calorie restrictions to lose weight. LBW is about educating yourself to be healthier, and losing weight in the process.
  • Dalia Farhat I did two rounds of MB well attempted and both times id fail after the first 2 weeks. I started the lbw 28 day challenge and its my 3rd week and going strong, so much easier to follow and less stressful and also this group is amazing. And i also love how Rhian Allen is in contact with us not like the other program you feel like a number not a person. Love LBW xx
  • Lucy Reynaud My thoughts exactly. This is a real program, run by real people, for real people. None of us live in a perfect bubble, and this program is perfect for real life.
  • Leanne Allen Def find this much easier, cheaper and more realistic. I found with 12wbt I just couldn’t keep up with it, with 2 very young kids. In saying that, one of my friends has done amazingly well with the 12wbt and features in some of the ads. I think you just need to find what works for you and your lifestyle.
  • Jade Barton I did 1 round lost 6 kgs before my wedding was great – put it all back on instantly, so did 2nd round lost back the 6 and put one back on instantly thought bugger that it’s not sustainable and moved to LBW in nov have only lost 2-3kgs but it will slowly go down and hopefully never up!
  • Nicki Travers 12wtb was so hard to make work with family, My whole family is loving LBW and trying new things. Every meal gets a vote as to whether it’s a keeper or not and thankfully more yes’ than no’s.
  • Emily Pich I have done two rounds of the 12wbt but am much happier with LBW. The 12wbt calorie allowance of 1200 cal a day and the high exercise requirement just weren’t sustainable. LBW is so much more family and budget friendly. Now I have found LBW I will never put myself though the 12wbt again.
  • Gaie Wheeler I tried the 12wbt and failed! Wasted my money….this is better for support…this page is fantastic and we are all mummies and get the tough days…meals and exercise are easier here and less cost! More motivation!
  • Hayley Hurst I tried MB before I even had my baby and honestly it sucked… I was constantly starving and the shopping lists weren’t very user friendly. The exercise was fine as I like hard stuff but mind u I think eating 1200 calories a day and training that hard is just ridiculous and unhealthy
  • Meg Yates I have done MB and didnt like it. The food wasnt family friendly but loving the 28 day challenge.

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Results from mums

Jo Hart has lost 38kg
I’m excited I’m almost at a 40kg loss.
I am proud of the change I have made for not only me but for my family too.
If you are not already a 28 Day Challenge member I highly recommend joining you won’t regret it!”
Tamara has lost 35kg
Joining the 28 Day Challenge was literally the best decision I ever made.
Gone forever is the frumpy, sad, unhappy and unhealthy Tamara.
I’ve lost 35kgs and my life and my sons life is forever changed for the better.
Therese has lost 30kg 
I’ve been following the Healthy Mummy plans & 28 Day Challenges for 18 months in total & have lost 30kg’s.
Leashaa has lost 15kg
I’ve Lost 15kgs thanks to the 28 Day Challenge & Lose Baby Weight and over 150Cm of fat!!
I started my journey last year and thanks to the plans I’ve been able to lose weight, create a healthy lifestyle and maintain my breastmilk supply allowing me to continue nursing my daughter into our 3rd year!
Join the Challenge here