When losing your pregnancy weight and doing your best to eat a healthy diet it is important to have a good support system to keep you motivated throughout your weight loss journey.
And did you know that research states that the least successful method of trying to lose weight is when people “go it alone”.   Conversely, a scientifically controlled weight loss program like the one at Lose Baby Weight is shown to increase weight loss success by over a whopping 300%.
So when you do decide to focus on your weight loss it is important to choose a weight loss plan that will offer you support (like we do) but it is also important to get your friends and family on board so that they offer you support too.  We often hear of family and friends (and husbands) who are not supportive of the person losing weight and that can be one of the most frustrating parts of losing weight – as it does take dedication and it is harder to stay focused when you are not getting the close family support.
Our tip is to sit down with your nearest and dearest before you start on your weight loss plan and tell them how important it is to you for you to have their support and that you will be more likely to fail if they don’t support you – and that means NOT eating chips and chocolate on the sofa at night and not trying to tell you ‘you don’t need to lose weight’. They need to support you all of the way and the reward will be a healthier and happier you at the end!

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