Arifah’s Story – 17kg Pregnancy Weight Loss

“I suffered severe Post Natal Depression when I had my second baby and over the course of my pregnancy I gained a lot of weight which increased with the medication I tool post pregnancy.
And when I weighed myself and saw I was 77kg it made me feel even more depressed.
When I eventually began to feel normal again I decided I would do something  my weight but I wanted to do it in a safe way with support and also wanted to do something specifically for mums and the post baby body. 
This is when I found Lose Baby Weight on Facebook and was very excited to discover that it was a weight loss plan written by mums, for mums and I was overjoyed to see they also were launching a 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan.
Everything about their weight loss and exercise plans really struck a chord with me.  It wasn’t another fad diet but a weight loss and healthy eating plan that would teach me about making healthy eating choices, along with regular exercise and there was daily support and help along the way which was a huge help
I started the Lose Baby Weight Plans and had the smoothies for breakfast and lunch and they were so tasty and I looked forward to having them every day! Having the smoothies along with the healthy snacks twice a day and going to the gym, help me lose the weight without a doubt and I am so happy I found you.
I have been getting lots of positive comments from family and friends about my weight loss which has been so encouraging and empowering.
I am now a size 10 and have so much more energy, no longer feel sluggish, and I am healthy, fit and feel the best that I have ever felt. So thank you to the awesome work and I hope all mums get to know about your website as it is a fantastic resource to all mums.”

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