lose_baby_weightFor many people Jan 1 comes and we all say, “This is it. I am going to lose weight and get healthy”, but by Feb 1 only one in four people are still 100% focused and committed to losing weight and following the weight loss plan they started.
So if you started off the year well and 4 weeks later are hitting struggle street then let us help you get back on track and get some motivation back!

Our top tips to get back on track
  • Every slip up and mistake you make is a learning. Don’t beat yourself up about falling off the wagon during the month. Instead see every mistake as a learning and think about why and how you slipped up and how you can prevent it happening again.
  • Give yourself a well done for coming this far and taking a positive step forward to your health and weight loss
  • Don’t expect for weight loss to be drastic overnight. Healthy and long term weight loss takes time and the number one thing you need to do is change your lifestyle to feel good and lose weight. And even though you may see diets advertised where you can lose 5kg a week – this is not healthy or sustainable so try and shut these out of your mind and instead aim for 500g – 1kg a week and make small changes rather than drastic ones that you can’t stick to
  • Set small goals rather than putting pressure on yourself to lose all the weight all at once.  For example if you have 20kg to lose set yourself a goal of losing 5kg in 6 weeks and keep going like this until you hit your jackpot! And give yourself non food rewards when you hit your goal
  • Focus on getting healthier through a better diet and more exercise rather than obsessing about the scales.  This way you will feel better as well as look better.

So if you have fallen off the wagon this past week, it is time to reasses your goals, dust yourself down and GET MOTIVATED and remember you are not the only mum trying to lose her baby weight – thousands of other mums are in the same position as you so remember you are not alone and that you can start a fresh today.
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