As we all know losing baby weight can be hard work and at Lose Baby Weight we love sharing the success of other mums so that everyone has lots of inspiration to get healthy and lose any pregnancy weight too – so a big thank you goes to Christie Gray who has sent in her fantastic success story which I hope will inspire everyone to do the same!

Christie’s Weight Loss Story

Towards the end of my pregnancy I had a lot of fluid retention, and while still being as active as possible, gained nearly 30kg!!! I weighed 89kg the day our son was born, and was keen to get back into shape as quickly as possible.
While I initially lost 10kg in the first week, I think that was mostly the fluid! I was getting active again, but it wasn’t coming off as quick as I’d hoped. That’s when I saw a the Lose Baby Weight Facebook page  and despite initial scepticism, thought I would see how I could go with it, in conjunction with a Mums&Bubs gym program that had just started in my area!
To my surprise, the smoothies were great, especially as you could add in fresh fruit! I loved the meal ideas, and found I was rarely hungry, and the weight was coming off quite quickly! I lost 2kg in the first week. It also helped boost my milk supply after a bout of mastitis!
I had always been a healthy eater, and very active with various sports and walking two dogs twice daily, but the plans just got me back on track, and helped things move along more quickly.
After being on the program for just over 2 months, I am 5kg off my goal weight of 65kg! A lot of people have noticed the weight loss, and while I know I’ve still got a little more to lose, it’s nice receiving compliments off friends & family!
I can’t thank Lose Baby Weight enough for the encouraging and realistic program! The daily emails, information reads and tips and tricks make it easier and provide motivation when you have a low day! I am back playing all my favourite sports, still doing my Mums & Bubs class and know that when I go back to playing Netball this winter I will be fit, healthy – and most importantly fit comfortably into my bodysuit.
Thanks again Rhian!!
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