Weight_loss_for_womenHow many times have you heard a crazy quick fix to weight loss or a diet that claims to “lose 5kg in one week”?
There are many companies out there who will try and tempt you to go onto their plans with big weight loss claims but if you look into what you need to do you will soon find out that it is usually unhealthy and is not a good idea for long term and sustainable health eating and healthy weight loss.
Plus they will make you very grumpy as you will be hungry a lot of the time and will also have lots of weight loss accelerants pumping around your body.
There are also many myths in weight loss so we thought to clean up any uncertainty so that when you are following your Lose Baby Weight Plan you have some good points to remember – so here is our list of the top ten myths in weight loss
1. Standing or walking whilst eating does not mean you are not consuming calories
2. Eating hot chips or other food from your hubby’s or children’s plate will still count to your daily calories consumed
3. Wearing the same trackie pants as you were in pre pregnancy does not mean you can tell yourself you are back in your pre pregnancy clothes – they stretch
4. Taking a ‘magic diet pill’ before you eat won’t make you thinner – instead it will fill your tummy with gel and make you feel yuck
5. Going for a long walk does not mean you can then eat a take away dinner or slab of cake
6. Just because dark chocolate is good for you, this doesn’t mean you can eat a whole block – it is still high fat
7. Healthy weight loss does take discipline and a hollistic approach – you need to get your diet right, get exercise into your life, intake the correct nutrition and be motivated
8. Spot fat removal is not possible so to get rid of the belly fat you need to do exercises that shift all over body fat and make sure your digestion is working properly
9. Starving yourself will not help weight loss. Diets where you eat under 800 calories a day will force your metabolism to store fat and you will feel grumpy, feel sick, be lacking in energy and leave you feeling depressed
10. Just because something is low fat it doesn’t mean you can or should eat two of them – Skinny Cow ice creams are a case in point
Weight loss doesn’t have to be a nightmare and it doesn’t have to be painful. We are big advocates of healthy weight loss and following healthy recipes and doing weight loss exercises that will not only help you lose your weight but will also get you fitter and leading a healthier lifestyle so when you have lost your weight you keep it off. So don’t get sucked in to “lose weight fast” quick fixes and instead focus on a weight loss plan that works for you and fits around your lifestyle.
If you need help losing your weight please see our weight loss plans which will help you achieve your goals and stay focused