A few weeks ago we launched our free weight loss tool and our free members area tracking tool.
We spent a lot of time (and money) developing the members area and we were very nervous about everyone liked it and if was a great help to everyone who was trying to lose weight and was following a weight loss plan.
So we have asked everyone for feedback and I am delighted with the feedback (we have had over 250 emails on the new tool) and thank everyone for taking the time to let us know how you have find the tracking tool.
For those who haven’t joined the members area it is totally free (and you can join here) and you can track your weight loss, your measurements, your BMI, your daily steps and your daily exercise plus you have a weight loss diary to write anything you want in there.
It is 100% private so only you see what you write and the idea is that the tracking tools will help you stay motivated and help you stay focused on your weight loss plan.
And if you love it please let your friends know about it so they can use the free tool too 🙂

What have mums said about the members area?

Carly Gauld – “I love it!!! I seem to be able to more in control of my weight loss plan by logging in and keeping track of my diet, measurements, exercise and steps every day.”
Donna Germon – “Easy to use, easy to navigate, can’t wait to reach my goals with your tools”
Amanda Brad– “Mothers know papers ALWAYS get lost, so love online recording, anywhere, anytime! The weekly progress email makes you accountable even for your bad week. Oops!
Candice Grant – “t’s fantastic help and support after having a baby it’s keeping me on track and helping me to shed the kilos slowly”
Amanda Igniko – “I love it as I can keep on track of how I am going and its a great motivation for me to see the graph so easily and how it improves. The diary helps me keep me track of what I am doing daily and its good to go back and read it. It really helps me a lot and its good to see I have lost weight. I am very very happy with this program.”
Christina Hall – “Love it! I needed to find a place to keep track and gain motivation that did not cost money. As a new Mum with no extra income this is so perfect…Thank you”
Vanessa Allen – “Fantastic! Very easy to use, excellent tips. Layout is clean, informative & doesn’t hurt your eyes! Love it!”
Nicole McLaughlin – “Fantastic – love having somewhere to track measurements and weight and that it isn’t focused on calorie/food intake”
Jenna Williamson – “I love it! It has made a huge difference to my motivation and I cannot thank you enough that it is free. I love everything you do and have lost 10kg on your plans – and now I can see it all in a graph!”
Emma St Clair – “The measurement and weight loss tool is just amazing. I am hooked and have told all my girlfriends about it – even those without babies! Thank you for the brilliant tool”
And to check out the members area yourself join here