healthy_eating_diet_planWoo hoo! – you’re half way through the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for September!
Well done on all that you’ve achieved so far. Making changes to the way you eat and increasing your activity, even if they’re only little changes or increases, all add up to enabling you to reach your goals and to feel great!
Now that you’re half way, being consistent is key and hopefully you’re in the swing of things when it comes to following the Meal Plans but more importantly, making those plans your own. Remember you can change the recipes to suit your tastes and needs as well as mix and match recipes from the Challenge, previous Challenges or from the Lose Baby Weight website, to really make the plans work for you. This will make following a healthy eating plan part of your lifestyle as opposed to something you only do for a week.
The same can be said with the exercise routines set for each day, make them work for your lifestyle. If you have a really busy day coming up over the next week and just won’t be able to fit in any exercise, then change that to your rest day. Or break the exercise up into shorter spurts and do a few mini sessions throughout a day. You’ll be surprised at how much a 10 minute exercise blast helps you to reach your goals.
Remember that healthy eating, exercise, positive thinking and consistency will all combine to make you feel fantastic and get you achieving your weight loss goals.

Over the next week we will be bringing you

  • More delicious and healthy recipes (where the ingredients can be increased to feed the whole family), including some yummy soups, casseroles and a few tasty desserts. Remember to change ingredients and meal options to suit your needs and tastes.
  • More daily exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home and no equipment or gym is required – do what you can and don’t feel guilty if you have to miss a session or two.
  • Shopping lists with different versions to suit different situations plus highlights of dinner ingredients so you can easily increase recipes to feed everyone if needed.
  • Lots of motivation and extra bonus recipes to try.
  • Lots of inspiration from other mums on our Challenge within our Private Support Group. Also have a read of the motivation and “staying on track” tips our Motivating Mums are posting to help keep your spirits high.

Use the tools

  • Please remember to use the tools in the Challenge Hub
  • We have breastfeeding information and guidelines for mums who are breastfeeding their babies
  • We have BMR calculators so you can work out if you need to increase your daily calories on the plan
  • We have the fitness test tool – so you can monitor your fitness at the beginning and end of the Challenge to see the improvement in your fitness – as well as health, energy levels and weight
  • We have new recipes and snack options to keep you motivated and suit all tastes. Remember to look at each weekly meal plan at the start of the week and work out what you want to try, what you might increase to feed the family, what ingredients you might want to substitute. We provide the outline but you can still mix things up to suit your circumstances and requirements
  • We’ve listed lots of tips on the shopping list PDFs to help you save money when purchasing your groceries for the Meal Plans – we want this to be as accessible as possible for everyone
  • We have two different shopping lists for this Challenge – a full version and a version that doesn’t include the breakfast recipes, in case you have a Healthy Mummy Smoothie in the morning
  • We have our Challenge Members only blog with extra recipes
  • We have our Resources area with our Top 30 Smoothie eBook, our bonus Freezer Recipe ebook plus when you refer 5 friends you can get a free ecopy of our Chocolate Treats & Baking Book
  • And if you need any help email us on [email protected] or call us on 1300 301 172

Share your journey

SocialAs we all starting and finishing this 28 days together, we would love everyone to share as many pictures of your food, exercise and progress as possible so we can all be inspired by what everyone else is doing too

  • You can share on our Facebook main page here
  • You can join our private & closed group here
  • You can tag us on twitter – @losebabyweight1
  • You can tag us on Instagram @losebabyweight
  • You can use the hashtag #28dayweightlosschallenge or #28dwlc to post any photos on instagram/twitter
  • You can follow us on Pinterest here

And as with the last Challenge, our team are going to be looking out for any really good posts across social media. If we spot something great we will contact you and send you a tub of our best selling Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix as a well done and thank you
And don’t forget, that although we are providing full meal plans every day, it is fine to still use your Healthy Mummy Smoothies on the Challenge for convenience – and if you are running low, you can use code MEMBER for a 20% discount
Consistency is key, small changes combine to create great results – you can do this!
Rhian & The Healthy Mummy Team

 Click here for week 3 shopping lists & meal plans