RhianCan you believe we’re already half way through the Winter Weight Loss Challenge? We hope you’ve had two great weeks so far, filled with healthy eating and energising exercise to get closer to your weight loss goals.
As you know we’re in this together so we can support each other and help out if you’re losing your motivation or you’re finding it difficult to follow the meal plans or exercise routines.
Remember to be kind to yourself – if the dreaded winter colds and flu have set in at your house and are preventing you from participating in the challenge 100% or you’re finding it difficult to get organised with preparing some of the weekly recipes, then just do what you can. There’s no need to be a superhero and do everything at once.
If you miss a day of exercise or change the meal plans around to suit your lifestyle, then that’s fine. Keep going as best you can and read some tips on getting back on track with exercise, easy no cook lunch ideas or if you feel like you’re over analysing your daily calories, read some good points from our Challenge nutritionist here.

Week 3 Includes:

  • Another great weekly meal plan filled with healthy eating recipes that you can mix and match to suit your lifestyle.
  • To get organised read through the meal plan a few days before week 3 starts and decide what you’re going to prepare and what you can pre-prepare on the weekend so you’re not spending all week in the kitchen.
  • There are some great, easy to prepare healthy lunch options this week. Toasties, salads and soup that are either quick to make or ideal to cook in larger quantities and keep in the fridge or freezer so you have easy to grab meals later in the week.
  • Shopping lists – when you’re going through the weekly meal plan, have a look at the shopping list and if there are recipes you know you won’t be cooking then adjust the shopping list to suit what’s already in your pantry or fridge. Or if you want to change some ingredients around to suit your taste, then that’s fine too.
  • Meal Plans and Recipes are now even easier to print out – just choose the print button and select what you want printed for the week.
  • More fantastic daily exercises that are easy to fit into your busy lives and as said if you miss a day or two, try to aim for at least 3-4 workouts a week plus if you can incorporate some exercise as part of your daily routines e.g. walking to the shops, taking the stairs, doing squats whilst hanging out the washing etc, you’ll be surprised at how all these activities add up to getting you energised and healthy.
  • Continued inspiration from other mums on our Challenge within our Private Support Group. There’s been some great stories shared since the Challenge started and if you want to share yours, ask questions or just need a pep up, then we’d love to hear from you.


Continue to Use the Tools:

  • Please remember to use the tools in the Challenge Hub
  • We have breastfeeding information and guidelines for mums who are breastfeeding their babies
  • We have BMR calculators so you can work out if you need to increase your daily calories on the plan
  • We have the fitness test tool – so you can monitor your fitness at the beginning, middle and end of the Challenge to see the improvement in your fitness – as well as health, energy levels and weight
  • We have our Challenge Members only blog with extra recipes
  • Plus our usual daily blog that is loaded with resources and information to help support you. Use the “Search” menu at the top of the website pages to look for what you need
  • We have our Resources area with our Top 30 Smoothie eBook, our bonus Winter Essentials Recipe ebook plus when you refer 5 friends you can get a free ecopy of our Chocolate Treats & Baking Book
  • And if you need any help email us on [email protected] or call us on 1300 301 172

Share Your Journey:

SocialNow that you’re half way through the challenge you may have some more things to share – pictures of the recipes you’ve prepared, your progress, how you incorporate exercise into your busy days etc and we’d love everyone to share as much as possible to continue to motivate us all whilst we do this together.

  • You can share on our Facebook main page here
  • You can join our private & closed group here
  • You can tag us on twitter – @losebabyweight1
  • You can tag us on Instagram @losebabyweight
  • You can use the hashtag #winterweightlosschallenge to post any photos on instagram/twitter
  • You can follow us on Pinterest here

Our team are continuing to look out for some really good posts across social media and if we spot some we will contact you and send you a tub of our best selling Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix as a well done and thank you
And don’t forget, that although we are providing full meal plans every day, it is fine to still use your Healthy Mummy Smoothies on the Challenge for convenience – and if you are running low, you can use code MEMBER for a 20% discount
Keep going with your great work during Week 3 – we know you can do this!
Rhian & The Healthy Mummy Team

Click here for Week 3 Meal Plans & Shopping Lists