Vote for the cause you want to align to

Hi everyone
I would LOVE for you to vote for the cause that you would most want to be aligned to as a member of The Healthy Mummy Community
What is clear to me is that in our Community we are all here as we are all striving for healthy living, healthy weight loss and we are here as we believe in the Healthy Mummy brand and like what it stands for and the support we offer.
But what about something more?
What more as a HUGE group of women can we do? What can we achieve?
It is pretty AMAZING that there are so many of us and that our numbers will grow too.
Obviously we all love The Healthy Mummy but is there some kind of cause/mission/purpose that we can also do for good that we all WORK TOGETHER on?
Something that binds everyone here together with a sense of meaning and gives us all a lifelong experience of doing something good?
I don’t know the answer but I would love to hear your thoughts about what cause/purpose/mission you think we should all align to and how we could all get involved.
But below is the top list of what many of you suggested when I posted this in the group today and it would be great if you can now vote on what you think is the cause you would most like the Healthy Mummy Community to align to first and once voted we can start the ball rolling
Thank you everyone x