lose_baby_weight_resultsHi Lose Baby Weight, here is my pregnancy weight loss story since I have been following the Lose Baby Weight & Healthy Mummy plans.
Feb 12 was going to be a big day for me… a new and improved Val.
I was starting my part time job and also starting the Lose Baby Weight regime.
After having 2 babies within 14 months, I was at my worst weighing in at 70kg (pre pregnancy I weighed 49kg!) amd I’m only short :(…
Today i weigh 54.3kg and look fit and healthy!! All I had was one Healthy Mummy Smooothie for breakfast and just ate reasonably healthy throughout the day.
As soon as I started the smoothies, the weight was dropping off. I definitey plateaued a few times and it did take me 4-6wks to lose anything at one stage. But the Lose Baby Weight team was there offering support throughout my challenges and helped me to continue.
I’m so happy and confident which is what I lacked whilst being big.
Thank you Rhian and the Lose Baby Weight team!! I have since recommended the plans to my mum who has never been able to lose weight as she has hashimotos disease and she’s already lost 3kg in 2wks!! So proud of her too!! One massive THANk YOU!!!!!
Thanks so much! So happy!! X
Cheers // Saludos
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