Hi mums,
I have lost over 20kgs following the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating plans and I love them!
Lose Baby Weight- 20kg LossMy progress on the April 28 Day Weightloss Challenge is going very well. I have lost 800grams so far on the April 28 day challenge. The food is amazing, and the recipes have been so simple to follow. My exercise has been rather low due to a medical condition a week ago, so I have to limit my exercise all together for a few weeks. This is where the 28 day challenge is amazing, even if you are out of action exercise wise the food still benefits you in staying in shape and losing weight.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
I have been having my daily Healthy Mummy Smoothie twice a day, and a challenge meal most nights. I have been fitting in around 30minutes a day of low impact exercise like walking, squats and lunges nothing too high impact. I have found if you cant do heavy impact exercise for whatever reason, whether its medical related or you have clingy children, every little bit of exercise matters, even a 10minute walk around the yard.
As a motivating mum for april, I hope I am inspiring you all and keeping you on track. I want to prove even when you are out of action with physical exercise, you can still lower the numbers..whether it be on the scales or measurements. You cant fail, if you never give up.
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Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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