My struggle with weight started right after my second pregnancy. I was 92kgs when my full term healthy baby was born in July.
As with every new mum, I was tired and weak. With breastfeeding and looking after my 4.5 year old girl, I was not getting any time for exercise.
I didn’t want to look in the mirror and I remember I used to cover myself up behind someone in the pictures – I was so embarrassed to get myself noticed.
I bought jeans in a size 20 and was so sad about it.
lose_baby_weightI went oversees in November 2012. All my friends and relatives were a bit shocked to see me – I had never been this huge. My weight was 86.6kgs on 7th January, 2013 when we came back to Melbourne.
While browsing Facebook, I came across one of my friends who had ‘liked’ the Lose Baby Weight website. This immediately caught my attention as I was looking for different options out there.
I was impressed to read so many real stories of mums losing weight with this product. I discussed it with my hubby who encouraged me to order few and see how it goes.
On 9th January, I ordered the Basics Package and started the Healthy Mummy Smoothies from 14th January. I read the pink weight loss bible book as well.
In the first week itself, I lost around 0.5kgs and was over the moon as I could not believe it.
This really hit me hard and made me believe ‘I can do it’.
From that day onwards, I started reading about snacks, doing incidental exercise, making those little changes like switching from full fat milk to low fat etc.
I started having more healthy food – like instead of having fried dumplings now I have steamed; eating nuts like almonds instead of chips. This really helped me.
I go for a brisk walk for at least 45 mins 3 times a week. I now feel more energetic and positive. This surely has changed my world.
I am now 75.3kgs and size 14. My aim is 65kgs – which was my weight at the time I got married.
Lose Baby Weight is not only about losing weight but also about eating healthy and being active for the rest of your life.
I could not see myself going back to from where I have come. I sincerely want to thank each and everyone in the Lose Baby Weight team for creating such an amazing product.
I would highly recommend this product to any mum who wants to feel confident again by losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle.
Thank you and kind regards,
– Tulika Ahjua

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