A big thank you to Genna for sending in her story about the difficulty she had in trying to conceive. We hope it helps other women in the same position never to give up hope and not to put too much pressure on yourself of falling pregnant after a couple of months trying

Genna’s story

My little girl was just over 2 years old when me and my partner decided to start to try for another baby.  It had taken us 3 goes on conceiving our daughter so I hoped if would be 3 months or under on our new baby.
How wrong I was.
One month went by and no positive pregnancy. Then two months, three months, four months, five months, six months and seven months went by and still no joy.
On the seventh month I was so so upset and now it was really getting me down. We were doing everything ‘right’ and as I was 36 I started fearing that we had left it too late.  Each month that would go by I found myself full of hope and each month I was left feeling really down. I loved my little girl so so much and I really wanted to have another little baby – for my own selfish reasons as well as so that she could have a brother or sister.
I tried eating only organic food, cutting out alcohol, coffee and anything food that wasn’t fresh and my husband did the same.  But month after month nothing happened and I started to feel depressed about it and listless like I had missed my chance.
We kept trying and on month 10th my period didn’t come.  OH MY GOD I thought this is it. Then the day I bought a pregnancy test I started getting cramps. Couldn’t believe it.  Then 2 days later still no period but I still had the cramps. So I decided to do a test and WOW it was positive – I was pregnant!  My happiness was short lived though as literally a couple of hours later I started to bleed red blood. I went into panic stations and read everything I could about what this meant and whereas lots of websites said it was a sign of a miscarriage I also found lots of sites saying it had happened to them and that the pregnancy can continue.
So I literally tried not to panic and rested all I could and kept looking at my daughter and thought I am so lucky to have her and I can’t be upset with my body if I can’t have more children.  I also thought there is no point stressing as what will be will be and I can’t control or change what may happen and I just had to wait it out for the next week to see if the bleeding (which was now more brown blood) and cramping stopped.
And I am absolutely delighted to say that  I am now 8 months pregnant and am having another little girl next month.
My pregnancy has been tough and I have stacked on the weight but it is all worth it and I am so grateful to be having a second baby and to all the women who are trying to conceive don’t worry if it takes longer. I now know that the average time it takes to conceive is 6 months and although there will always be mums who fall pregnant after one month there are more mums who have to be patient and wait longer!
And thanks to Lose Baby Weight for sharing my story and I can’t wait to start on your plans in a few months to get back down to my pre pregnancy weight 🙂