I’ve always struggled with my weight but when I fell pregnant I was the lightest I’d been since I could remember. I ate what I wanted during my pregnancy and put on over 20 kilos, weighing over 100 kilos.
After our daughter was born I had 5 months to lose weight before our wedding day, which I lost a bit and got back down to 87kg. Since then I fell back into old habits and found the weight creeping back on till I found myself at 93kg at the start of this year.
At the time I was reading about the Eat Move Lose challenge that Lose Baby Weight were starting and I knew it was for me, I got prepared with my healthy mummy smoothie supplies and started back at the gym.
I’ve always enjoyed time out at the gym but found it hard to justify the expense when I felt I couldn’t get there with a 2 year old, a husband that has a FIFO job, a full time job and an online business. To my surprise I’ve made time and thanks to a training buddy we’re making the early rise, I’ve never been a morning person, and going to the gym before my husband or daughter wake up means that we’re all free to get on with our days as planned. I find that this has really helped with my energy levels for the day! When my husbands working I’m looking forward to trying the Lose Baby Workout DVD at home!
Since starting the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, challenges and recipes in the 28 day plan cookbook I have lost 2.1kg and currently weigh 90.9kg. I know that this steady weight loss will be sustainable in the future, also as I have been including weight based training in my workouts I have lost 24.5 cm’s overall since the 6th January and am loving feeling stronger and leaner.
I enjoy a banana berry smoothie (from the 28 day plan summer cookbook) most mornings with some oats added, I love that this can keep me full most of the morning until an early lunch. I have also tried the citrus bang smoothie recipie (also from the 28 day plan summer cookbook) and just love the flavour combination.
I have found that planning your weeks meals and smoothies in advance the easiest way to stick to the plans, when everything’s provided including a shopping list you can’t go wrong! I like to tailor the week to mine and my families taste but I have found that there are recipies suitable for everyone, we’re wasting less, eating more fresh food and even reducing our food bill!
One of my biggest learnings from the lose baby weight program so far has been understanding my true calorie requirements. On previous weight loss attempts I’ve stuck to the 1200 calories for weight loss concept that seems to be going around, this isn’t the right way to lose weight.
I now understand more about my BMR and eat around 1600 calories per day, you can read more about the calculations here 
Thanks so much
Trudy Azzopardi
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