Last week we brought you the top twenty American baby boys names and oday we are bringing you the top twenty American baby girl names. We hope it gives you some inspiration on naming your little one.
1.     Abrianna – Abrianna is a combination of Abbie and Brianna, but it also has Gaelic origins, meaning noble, virtuous and strong. It’s also a variant of Aubrianna.
2.     Adele – Adele is a hugely popular name at the moment and it has very special origins. It’s a variant of Adela – Adela was a 7th century princess who founded a monastery in France.
3.     Becca – Becca is a variant of Rebecca, but it also has its own meanings – in Africa, it means prophetess, and it also means “bound”.
4.     Emma – Emma has always been a popular baby name and it is still at the top of the most popular baby names lists. It means “all-containing” or “universal”.
5.     Ava – The origins of Ava are unknown – it could be German, but it could also be Hebrew, coming from the name “Chavah”, meaning “life” or “serpent”, or from the Latin “avis” meaning “bird”.
6.     Isabella – Isabella is a lyrical name, soft and pretty, that means “God is my vow”.
7.     Madison – Madison has roared its way up the most popular baby names lists – meaning “son of Maud”, it was more traditionally used as a boy’s name, but it’s now a very popular girl’s name.
8.     Olivia – Olivia is another pretty, soft name that is very feminine – but it is actually of Latin origin and it means “olive tree”.
9.     Aubrey – Aubrey has steadily risen in popularity for the last few years – and with good reason. It means “supernatural being”, “elf” or “ruler of elves”.
10.  Chloe – Chloe has long been a popular girl’s name, and it’s still just as popular today. Meaning “blooming” or “green shoot”, it’s a great name that can’t be shortened.
11.  Sophie – Another super popular name, Sophie has Greek origins and means “wisdom”.
12.  Charlotte – Charlotte is a pretty name, but it is actually the feminine form of the name “Charles”. Charlotte can mean “strong woman” but in other cases, it can mean “feminine”, whilst in others, it can mean “masculine”.
13.  Brooklyn – Brooklyn is a borough of New York City, which is where the name could come from, but it could also come from the Dutch name “Breukelen”, meaning “broken land”. It could also be a cross between “Brooke” and “Lynne”.
14.  Leah – Leah actually has lots of different meanings – it can mean “weary”, and it also comes from the Hebrew word for “wild cow” or “gazelle”.
15.  Riley – Riley is another name that has climbed the most popular baby names lists in the last few years. It can be used as a surname, and it’s been transferred to use as a forename more recently. It means “rye clearing” and can also be spelt “Reilly”.
16.  Abigail – Abigail is another name with lots of different meanings. It can mean “father in rejoicing” or “servant”, and it has Hebrew and Jewish origins.
17.  Claire – Claire is another popular name with lots of different meanings – it’s also suitable for girls of all ages, and it means “clear”, “bright” and “famous”. It can be spelt “Clair”, or changed into “Clara”.
18.  Alexis – Alexis is a variant of Alexandra or Alexander, but it also has its own origins – it means “defender” and has Greek origins, and can be used to name a baby girl or a baby boy.
19.  Samantha – Samantha has remained one of the most popular baby names in the last twenty years, meaning “listener”. It’s also the female version of “Samuel”.
20.  Elizabeth – Elizabeth is an excellent name as it can be shortened or customised in many different ways. It comes from the Greek name “Elisheva”, meaning “God’s promise”, “oath of God” or “I am God’s daughter”.
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