It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and you may be preparing a relaxing time with your family and friends (including some time out for yourself).
Sharing special days like this with the family shouldn’t be stressful even if you are following the healthy eating meal plans from the May 28 Day Challenge.
We have some tips to healthy you stay Healthy and still enjoy Mothers Day.

1.  Be prepared, and if your children or partner want to indulge you with breakfast in bed on Sunday morning maybe give them a little heads up about what you might like.
2.  You could organise the ingredients from one of the yummy May Challenge breakfasts the night before so that the family can easily follow the recipe in the morning and everyone can enjoy a healthy start to the day. Try the Haloumi & Spinach Frittata Cups or the Spanish Eggs. You could even make a batch of the Vanilla, Pear & Banana Compote and have it in the fridge so the kids can just serve it to you with some yoghurt.
HaloumiSpinachFritattaCups_3702-15003.  If you receive some choccies or other sweet treats from your kids, don’t feel bad about enjoying one or two to celebrate the day.  Having a little guilt free pleasure every now and then is important to ensuring you can follow your healthy lifestyle. Besides, the smiles on their little faces seeing you enjoy your gift is worth it.
4.  After breakfast why not get the family and go for a nice walk somewhere together. It’s a great way to get some exercise in but more importantly a lovely way to spend time with your loved ones. Walk to the local park so the kids can have a run around or drive to a special place you enjoy – a lake, botanical gardens or similar and have an energising stroll.
SpanishBakedEggs_3561-15005.  Whether you are planning a lunch for your Mum or heading out somewhere with your family, it’s easy to make healthy choices with your meals.
6.  If going to a restaurant choose a meal with a lean cut of meat, some veggies or salad. Try to avoid meals that are deep fried or that come with loads of chips. Fish for example is best served grilled or pan fried rather than covered in batter and cooked in the deep fryer. Warm salads and soups are other great options when eating out.
7.  If eating at home then there are many ideas you can put together for a delicious, healthy Mother’s Day lunch. The Chicken & Mushroom Filo Parcels or the Rosemary Pancetta Chicken from the Week 1 May Meal Plans are both healthy recipes you could serve for lunch.
8.  Have your guests bring some side salads and then you can enjoy your main meal in the middle of the day. By the time it’s dinner time you will probably just feel like something light from one of the Challenge lunch options.
RosemaryPancettaChicken_4054-15009.  A roast is often a popular Mother’s Day lunch meal. Cook a piece of lamb, some beef or a couple of chickens and serve with some of the salads from the May Challenge – try the Quinoa & Feta Salad from Week 2 or the Chicken Waldorf Salad (and just omit the chicken if serving with other meats).
10.  The Recipe Hub is loaded with great family lunch ideas too – a healthy lasagna, baked meat and veggies, warm salads, soups for starters etc.
11.  Look for healthy dessert ideas from the Challenge recipes. Make individual desserts like the Clever Chocolate Mousse from the Recipe Hub or keep things simple and prepare a few of the snacks from the May Challenge and serve together on a platter.
12.  You could make a batch of the Apple Pie Bites and the Honey Walnuts from the May Challenge and serve with some Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and other sliced fruits to share with everyone. Or you could make the Healthy Cheesecake recipe here
13.  Once lunch or dinner is over get the family to clean up and you can take some well earned time out to chill with a cup of tea in your new PJs or slippers, reading the new book the kids gave you!HoneyWalnuts_4436-1500
It’s easy to enjoy special celebrations when you follow a healthy eating plan. Just plan ahead, know what you want to eat, what are the healthier choices and don’t forget it’s ok to indulge every now and then.
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.  You deserve this special day, where your family can show you how much you are appreciated!
Love the Healthy Mummy team xxx

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