healthy_foodIt’s often said that weight loss starts in the aisles of the supermarket. What you choose to put in your trolley (and what you decide to leave out), forms the foundations for the meals you’ll be serving your family, and eating yourself, for the week(s) to come. By making the right choices from the get go, you give yourself the best possible chance of achieving your weight loss goals.

Supermarkets however, can be confusing places. If you shop at one of the big chains, you’re more than likely to be faced with endless, brightly lit aisles, whole sections devoted to different foods groups and more ‘specials’ than you ever thought possible.
Walking in unprepared can see you end up with a trolley full of food that you didn’t set out to buy, leading to an expensive run through the checkout and a pantry stocked with items that you should be avoiding.
There’s a reason for this. Supermarkets are cleverly designed to encourage you to spend as much money as possible when you walk in through the doors. Ever wondered why you have to battle your way through the aisles to find a single can of tomatoes? It’s because items that are relatively cheap are positioned strategically so that you have to pass by a whole range of more expensive, premium products, before getting to what you really want. Chances are good you’ll grab one (or more) of those items as you pass by, leading to increased sales.
It’s not all bad news though! By being aware of the psychology of the supermarket, you can actually beat them at their own game by employing a couple of simple strategies that will help you get the best bang for your buck, and leave with a trolley full of nutritious, delicious goodies.
1. Never shop without a list – It might sound common sense but how many times have you run out to the shops, only to find yourself madly scribbling down what you think you need on the back of a napkin? By taking inventory of what you have at home and what you actually need, you can create a list of the essentials, meaning you’re less likely to impulse by.
2. Use your list to your advantage – If you’re a bit haphazard with your list making, now might be a good time to get a little more organised. By grouping similar foods together, you minimise the chances of forgetting crucial items and eliminate the need to visit aisles that don’t have products you need. Try grouping all your fruit and veggie items, canned goods, meat, dairy and frozen goods together on your list.
3. Target your aisles – It’s a well known fact that the outer aisles of the supermarket tend to home the healthier, more cost effective products. You rarely find the chocolate and biscuits in aisle one. If you think about it, it makes sense. By the time you reach aisle 8, you’re most likely tired, cranky and more likely to grab a packet of something sweet as a reward for surviving the shop. Focus on fresh produce (usually positioned as you walk in), meat and dairy. When trying to lose weight, the majority of your ingredients will live in these aisles. By avoiding the middle aisles, you tend to bypass calorie laden treats altogether.
4. Beware the specials – It’s hard to walk past a fabulous bargain. While specials on fruit and veggies can be a great way to save a few dollars, you’ll often find that the real bargains are attached to junk foods. Three packets for the price of two, two blocks of chocolate for the price of one, these specials are designed to encourage us to buy these more expensive (and less healthy) products under the guise that you’re somehow ‘saving money’. By not buying them at all, you’ll save even more money, so try to avoid where you can!
5. Choose your time – Shopping when you’re tired, hungry and stressed is never a great idea. Likewise, peak periods like sunday afternoon and saturday morning tend to raise frustration levels through the roof. Choose a time to shop when you know your local supermarket isn’t packed to the rafters. The trip will be more pleasant and you may even find a few more ‘healthy’ bargains at that time, due to the decreased number of customers.
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