Here at Lose Baby Weight it’s no secret that we love our smoothies. For a busy mum a healthy eating smoothie is such a great option as it takes no time at all to throw the ingredients into a blender.
When you are trying to lose pregnancy weight one of the first things we suggest is upping your vegetable intake. Filling up on the goodness of vegetables keeps you feeling fuller and gives you a healthy dose of nutrition too.

A great way to pack more veggies into your day is to add them to your smoothie. A green smoothies is a fantastic way to get you veggie intake up.
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If you’re just starting out with green smoothies, you may find the taste of the green veggies makes the smoothie not quite sweet enough for you. In that case it can help to throw in ½ a frozen banana for some natural sweetness.
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Mild in flavour, a cucumber is a great way to ease yourself into the green smoothie scene. There’s no need to peel it, just chop it into chunks and add to the blender. Cucumbers are low in calories but high in fibre, making them a great addition to your morning smoothie.


The healthy fats in avocado are great for your skin and also help you feel satisfied until your next meal. It also adds a great creaminess to your smoothie.

Baby Spinach

When blended, baby spinach can go almost undetected as it has a very mild taste. Throw a handful in and let the fibre do its work to fill your tummy and keep your digestive system in good shape.

Kiwi Fruit

A great way to add some sweetness to your green smoothie, kiwis are high in vitamin C yet low GI so you won’t get a big sugar spike. Just peel and throw in the blender.


Add some zing to your smoothie with a squeeze of lime. Packed with vitamin C, limes can help to lighten up the taste of a green smoothie.


This nutrient dense vegetable manages to pack in a similar amount of iron as beef so it’s a fabulous addition to your green smoothie. Simply remove the stem and core, using just the leaves.


Another mild tasting veg, zucchini is beneficial as it helps to keep you feeling full while also being low in calories.


Relatively taste-free, it’s packed with vitamins A and C, as well as chlorophyll which acts as an antioxidant.


It might sound a little crazy to throw lettuce leaves into your breakfast, but once again the mild flavour means you can just enjoy the health benefits without much effort at all. Lettuce’s water and fibre content mean it’s a good option for your green smoothie.


As well as vitamins, minerals and fibre, apples can also help to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Use any variety you fancy. For regular blenders it is best to peel them first, but high speed blenders can usually break down apple peel. You can also use pear for similar health benefits.
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