Exercising is a fantastic way to help with weight loss for women, shape up and feel healthy & great.
Exercising regularly will help to release endorphins, which will help you to feel happier.
Here are the ten most common forms of exercise, and the calories they burn per half an hour, to help you decide which exercise to do for the maximum benefit.
Make sure you warm up properly before any exercise and if you are completely new to it, speak to your doctor before beginning a new regime. For an easy exercise schedule to follow – that is also easy for mums to fit in – see our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Top Ten Exercises

Running – 450 calories per 30 mins
Running is probably one of the easiest exercises to do as you don’t need to buy any special equipment – you can just put on a pair of running shoes and off you go! It gives a brilliant cardiorespiratory workout and if you manage to run an 8 minute mile, will burn 450 calories per half an hour.
Swimming is an excellent form of exercise as it works out your entire body. It’s pretty cheap, too, and you can often swim at adult only or female only times. The best swim workout is interval training – swim two lengths, stop and take a breath then repeat. Maintain the proper form for half an hour and you’ll burn off 360 calories.
Cycling is a great exercise for your legs and arms and it’s suitable for all sizes, as you don’t have to support your weight – your bike does. Depending on your speed, you’ll burn between 300 and 400 calories per half an hour.
Shadow Boxing or Boxing
Many gyms now offer boxing bags or boxing sessions with a personal trainer. You can also buy boxing bags so that you can do boxing at home. Game enough to step into the ring? You can burn off up to 330 calories per half an hour.
Tennis is excellent exercise but it’s also great fun. It requires speedy reactions and agility, but get into the swing of a game and you’ll find that you can burn off between 250 and 300 calories per half an hour.
If you’re not ready to start running or if you are new to exercise, power walking or just walking quickly is an excellent way to kick start any regime. Walking can also burn off a fair amount of calories, too – at an average walking speed and an average weight, you can burn 40 calories per half an hour, which doesn’t sound like a lot but it most definitely adds up!
Ice Skating
Ice skating gives you all the benefits of running without there being any stress on your joints. Half an hour on the ice will help you to burn off up to 240 calories. Throw in a couple of tricks and turns and you’ll find that you burn off even more.
Basketball (or any ball game)
Basketball is a great game to play with all the family and your friends – anything that gets you running and jumping will be good exercise. Spend half an hour running around the basketball pitch and you’ll burn off up to 300 calories.
Dance Class
Dancing is an excellent way to burn calories and it is also a fantastic cardiovascular workout. Go to a dance class or have a good old boogie to some of your favourite tracks in your bedroom and you can burn off up to 200 calories per half an hour.
Water Aerobics
Water aerobics is an excellent form of exercise as it combines two forms of exercise. There is also plenty of resistance from the water, helping you to burn off more calories. One half hour water aerobics class will help you to burn off between 200-300 calories.

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