There’s nothing worse than following a healthy eating meal plan like with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and your family turns their noses up at the meals you’ve made.
Don’t spend time preparing two or three different options when you can choose from a great variety of family friendly favourites throughout the Challenge Recipe Hub that will sure to please everyone.
healthy eating recipes
Here are our top family friendly dinner recipes from the 28 Day Challenges. Just click on the recipes below and search their names to find them in the recipe hub:

  • Black Bean, Corn & Chicken Tortillas – a delicious Mexican inspired meal that you can easily mix and match ingredients to suit everyone. Add chilli for those who like it spicy or choose your children’s favourite raw veggies to add to theirs e.g. grated carrot or cucumber strips.
  • Lamb Burgers With Minted Yoghurt – this is a great recipe to prepare in advance and then put all the ingredients on the table so everyone can fill their own wholemeal rolls. Offer the kids some grated cheese to add to theirs and if they need a dollop of tomato sauce that’s fine!
  • Creamy Zucchini Pasta – pasta is often a family favourite and this recipe uses eggs and some Parmesan to create a creamy sauce with the ham and zucchini. Again as with many of the Challenge recipes you can swap ingredients for what you have in the fridge. Try it with frozen peas instead of zucchini or some corn and you’ll still have a healthy and delicious dinner to serve everyone.
  • Steak With Roasted Baby Beetroot & Garlic Mash – simple to prepare but full of flavour, there’s nothing quite like a wholesome dinner of steak with veggies. Use vegetables that you have available, broccoli, carrots, corn etc would all be ideal for this meal and if you have some, add sweet potato to the mash for something a bit different.
  • Chicken Parmigiana With Salad – the family will feel like they’re out at a restaurant when you serve them this healthy version of a dinner favourite. Add some vegetables instead of salad if it’s a cold night.
  • Supreme Pizza – perfect for Friday night rather than grabbing an unhealthy takeaway option. Put all the toppings out on the kitchen bench and get the kids (and your partner!) to get involved and make their own favourite pizza combination. Easy, healthy and delicious!

These are just some of the ideal family recipes you can find in the Challenge Recipe Hub. Give these meals a go if you haven’t already and we bet that any of that dinner time whinging soon stops as you serve up these tasty meals.
healthy eating meal plans