lose baby weightMarissa Nieves, Fitness Expert from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge shares some top tips on how you can keep your exercise plans consistent and successful:
The first few weeks of starting an exercise regime can be invigorating and empowering, as you show up for yourself and your goals.
The next few weeks can be stimulating and intriguing as you experience reward for your efforts. Excitement brews as you begin to see results in your energy levels and physical appearance.
However, what happens after the first few months when momentum slows and the living room couch begins to look attractive!
We all know consistent exercise is key to achieving our goals. Here are some top tips for staying motivated to exercise all year round!

1. Learn & Inspire

When you are sure of the positive benefits to your exercise regime, it is easier to recall why you have chosen to perform your workouts at those moments that may feel challenging.
As humans, the more we see benefit in something we do, the more motivated we are to do it. So decide on one task you are going to do each week that will keep you informed and up to date on why your exercise regime is super important i.e. reading articles or posts in the 28 Day Challenge blog or on the Lose Baby Weight site, engaging in the Lose Baby Weight Facebook group for inspiration and support and/or writing a list of all the reasons you are doing the program, are great ways to stay inspired and committed to your plan.
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2. Exercise Jam Sessions

Working out with friends is always fun and science shows it helps us to engage in consistent exercise, but it isn’t always time efficient. If you don’t have extra minutes to spend meeting up in person to exercise with friends, organise an Exercise Jam Session where you decide on a time you will exercise and invite others to join you.
You can can check in before and after via text or online chat and hold each other accountable all while having fun knowing that (even though you are not together in the physical world) you are still working out together!

3. Morning Workouts

Exercising as soon as you rise has been scientifically proven to support consistent exercise. It removes the anxiety build up that can come with an afternoon or evening workout and reduces the chance of the mind convincing you it is worth skipping.
Give your body the gift of movement each morning and enjoy giving yourself a healthy and fit morning.
The 28 Day Challenge exercise programs are right on track as studies show those who exercise 5 days or more per week are much more successful at sticking with their programs long term.

4. Celebrate Your Success

Whether you use a money jar, a day picnic or beach visit, choose an activity that you will love and engage in it when you commit to a certain number of days of consecutive exercise. It is incredible how stimulated we are by reward and how motivated we are by the journey of reaching it!

5. Let Go Of The Push

Pushing ourselves into a state of overwhelm to exercise was at one point thought to be beneficial. We now know this overwhelm can create stress which is not conducive to weight loss or health.
It’s time to make it fun! Instead of pushing, we want to pull in the good energy and happy vibes into our workouts instead of giving ourselves a drilling to show up. Thanks to science we now know our body’s hormones and stress responses are far more supportive when we eliminate the struggle from our daily activities.
Enjoy every day of your exercise regime by using these 5 tips in your workout week. Schedule them into your calendar so they become a part of your daily life and reap all the rewards that consistent exercise brings.
Marissa Nieves, Fitness Expert
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