Are you looking for an unusual girls name with a little bit of European flair? This list of the top 20 Italian baby girls names may give you a little inspiration.
They’re unusual, lyrical and perfect for any little girl.
1.     Giulia – Giulia (pronounced joo-lee-yah) is the Italian version of the name Julia, meaning “youthful” or “Jove’s child”.
2.     Cascata – Cascata is a very pretty name, stemming from the word “cascade” – but in Italian, it means “waterfall”.
3.     Rufina – Rufina is a rather literal name, but it’s really pretty, too – it means “red-haired”, so it’s the ideal name for a little girl with red hair.
4.     Albina – Albina literally means “white skinned”, but it’s also a rather lovely girl’s name.
5.     Valeria – Valeria is the Italian version of the name Valerie, meaning “to be healthy” or “to be strong”.
6.     Lanza – Lanza (pronounced laan-zah) is a great Italian alternative to the English name Laura. It means “noble”.
7.     Giolla – Giolla (pronounced gee-oh-lah) is an Italian and Irish name, but in the Italian context, it means “servant”.
8.     Mistico – Mistico is an unusual girl’s name – it literally means “mystic”.
9.     Giovanna – Giovanna (pronounced joh-vahn-nah) is a super traditional Italian name, still widely used throughout Italy today. It’s actually a form of the name Jane, meaning “God is gracious”.
10.  Fiorenza – Fiorenza (pronounced fee-orh-en-zah) is another super traditional Italian name that literally means “flower”.
11.  Pia – Pia is an unusual girl’s name that is short and sweet, perfect for if you don’t want to choose a name that can be shortened. It means “devout”.
12.  Gabriela – Gabriela is actually the Italian version of the name Gabrielle, meaning “devoted to God”.
13.  Bambi – Bambi is a sweet girl’s name, meaning “child”.
14.  Alessandra – Alessandra is the Italian version of the name Alexandra, literally meaning “man’s defender”.
15.  Donatella – Donatella, name of the Italian designer Donatella Versace, is a great name for a little girl. It has a lovely meaning too – “beautiful star”.
16.  Fabiana – Fabiana is a rather stylish name with a slightly less stylish meaning – “bean farmer”.
17.  Esperanza – Esperanza (pronounced ess-per-ahn-zah) is a very traditional name, with a lovely romantic sound, that is still widely used throughout Italy. It means “hope” but can also mean “faith” and “charity”.
18.  Marietta – Marietta is the Italian form of the name Marie, meaning “bitter”.
19.  Gema – Gema is the Italian form of the name Gemma, meaning “jewel”.
20.  Cianna – Cianna (pronounced chee-ah-nah or key-ah-nah) is a super pretty name – it’s very traditional, too, and is still used widely across Italy today. It means “God is gracious”.
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