If you’re looking for a boy’s name with a bit of European flair and style, why not look to traditional Italian names for some inspiration?
We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 Italian baby boy’s names – just take a look through our list to get inspired.
1.     Adalfieri – Adalfieri (pronounced ah-dahl-fee-air-ee) is a traditional boy’s name thought to be of German origin, meaning “noble oath”.
2.     Arduino – Arduino (pronounced ard-wee-no) is another very traditional boy’s name that is still widely used throughout Italy today. It means “valuable friend” – a great name to christen your baby with.
3.     Baldovino – Baldovino (pronounced bald-oh-veen-oh) is a super stylish boy’s name that is pretty unusual throughout most of the world except Italy. It means “bold” or “brave”.
4.     Cappi – Cappi is a short and sweet boy’s name for a sweet little boy. It means “lucky” or “lucky one”.
5.     D’Angelo/Deangelo – Both of these names are traditionally used throughout Italy but they are also fairly popular throughout the rest of the world. They both mean “from the angel”.
6.     Emiliano – Emiliano (pronounced eh-meel-ee-ah-no) is a variant of the name Emilio or Emilia, and it means “eager”.
7.     Feliciano – Feliciano (pronounced feh-lee-chee-ah-no) is a name widely used in Spain, Portugal and Italy. It means “happy” – a happy meaning for a happy little boy.
8.     Fontana – Fontana is a lovely lyrical name but it literally means “fountain”.
9.     Gennaro – Gennaro (pronounced jen-narh-oh) is a very traditional Italian name that has been used for centuries. It means “of Jannus”.
10.  Horry – Horry is a little bit like the English name Harry, but with a different meaning – in Italian, Horry means “timekeeper”.
11.  Ignacio – Ignacio (pronounced ig-nay-cee-oh) is a very popular Italian name, widely used throughout the world today. It means “fiery”. It can also be spelt Ignazio.
12.  Lauro – Lauro is the Italian version of the female names Laura and Lauren, which mean “from the place of the laurel trees”.
13.  Luciano – Luciano (pronounced loo-chee-ah-no) is another very traditional Italian name, and it’s thought to be a male variant of the female name Lucy. It has a different meaning, however – “light” or “illumination”.
14.  Marino – Marino is a great alternative to the very popular name Mario. It means “of the sea” and is thought to come from the word “marina”.
15.  Neroli – Neroli is an unusual name and a great alternative to the name Neil. It means “orange blossom”.
16.  Onofrio – Onofrio (pronounced oh-noh-free-oh) has a lovely meaning – “defender of peace”. It can also be spelt D’onofrio.
17.  Patrizio – Patrizio (pronounced pat-reet-zio) is thought to be a variant of the name Patrick, meaning “noble”.
18.  Rafaele – Rafaele (pronounced raff-ay-ell) is a very popular name that is widely used throughout the world. It means “God has healed”. The female version of this name is Rafaela.
19.  Salvatorio – Salvatorio (pronounced sall-vah-torh-io) is an alternative to the name Salvatore, although it has a different meaning – “saviour”.
20.  Tommaso – Tommaso is a great alternative to the English name Thomas, although it does have a different meaning – “twin”.
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