Product – Youngblood mineral make up
Category – Natural make up
Cost – various
Where purchase from – various retailers in Australia plus online
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Lose Baby Weight Youngblood rating – 4 stars out of 5
Having a newborn baby means getting time to do my make up is pretty tough and on most days impossible to do as I have a long list of things I have to get done if my baby does manage to give me 5 minutes by having a sleep in his own cot (my baby has a habit of refusing to sleep unless he is being held!) and doing my make up is unfortunately at the bottom of this list behind expressing milk, making food, cleaning the house, doing the washing, doing some exercise, having a shower and running my business Lose Baby Weight ! So when I was given some new mineral make up from a friend(by Youngblood mineral make up) to use in the form of a powder foundation and blush I thought that they looked a lot simpler than my usual primer, foundation, highlighter, powder and bronzer and as I am a big fan of mineral make up I decided to have a play.

The verdict was that I loved it.  The powder foundation literally took me 20 seconds to dust on and I also applied it under my eyes and on my dark circles so it also doubled up as a concealer, then the blush went on in equally quick time and I could now make myself look presentable in under 1 minute in the morning which gave my confidence a nice boost without eating into my precious few moments of free time.
The fact that the Youngblood products were mineral make up was a huge added bonus.  Not only did this mean that the consistency was smooth and natural but it also meant I wasn’t loading my face up with chemicals and toxins which have now been linked to various forms of cancer and medical issues.  I am particularly keen on avoiding personal care and make up products with toxic ingredients in after I started researching what ingredients so many of the commonly used products we use have in them – for example;
Mineral oil, Petrolatum, fragrance, lanolin, Butylated hydroxya nisole(BHA), titanium dioxide, padimate-O, polyethylene, polyvinyl pyrro Ii done (PVP) (reports suggest that PVP may cause tumours and that inhaling its particles may be harmful) and oxybenzone – all of which have been proven to have links to cancer.
Talc, titanium dioxide, quaternium (formaldehyde), artificial colours, PEG ingredients, propylene glycol (cosmetic form of mineral oil), silica (may be contaminated with cystalline quartz which is carcinogenic), fragrance, diazolidinyl urea, silica ,parabens, glycerin. Non mineral make up foundation could be the most dangerous thing in your make-up bag with extensive links to cancer.
Nail Varnish
Formaldehyde, toluene (methyl benzene, phenyl methane a neurotoxin which can damage the liver, disrupt the endocrine system and cause asthma. Breathing high levels during pregnancy can result in children with birth defects), isopropanol acetone, acetonitrile (forms cyanide when swallowed), ethyl & methyl methacrylate – use formaldehyde free nail varnish.
Talc & Baby Powder
Talc (linked to the increase in ovarian cancer. It blocks the pores when used in make-up and is dangerous when inhaled), fragrance and propylene glycol
So you can see why I like to avoid these products and why I was so happy to find a great mineral make up with Youngblood and one that would take me less than a minute to apply – which gives me more time to spend on Losing my baby weight