Hi my name is Tiffany Blunden, I have lost 15kg with Lose Baby Weight and I’m 29 years old with 2 beautiful daughters aged 9.5years and 11months old. I’m absolutely stoked to be a Motivating Mum for July and I’m going to put in 100%!
Lose Baby Weight-15kg Loss

I started using The Healthy Mummy Smoothies back in July 2014 after i had my 2nd bub and had excellent results,losing over 6kg in the first 4-6weeks using 2 shakes a day with no exercise due to having an emergency cesarean, until breastfeeding hunger took over and i ate way too much of the wrong foods gaining over 9kg back in the following 4-6weeks.
I had to stop breastfeeding after 3months due to having nipple vasospasm and was hoping to kick start my weight loss again straight away but just wasn’t in the right mind set until November 2014 and i really started it back up in December 2014.
Since starting Lose Baby Weight Smoothies I have lost 15kg and 115cm off my body to date, I have gained so much self love and confidence,and my fitness levels are the best they’ve been since i was a kid.
I even recently purchased my 1st ever full length mirror because now i don’t mind looking at my own reflection, its such a great motivator to see results and knowing that with hard work you can achieve but first you must believe!!
I wasn’t always this overweight but grew up being the chubbier kid, with an older sister who is alot slimmer. I liked to call myself stocky lol. But looking back at photos i wasn’t nowhere near as “fat” as i thought i was.
I was around 60-65kg before my first pregnancy when i was 18-19years old and am now 75kg at 29years old almost a year after my 2nd pregnancy. I still have 10kg to lose or until i feel comfortable in my skin.
I started walking 3-5km daily,slowly fitting in some jogging, doing basic exercises at home and I now go bike riding (i do a 30km bike ride most weeks and also take my bub for shorter rides,we both love getting out and getting some fresh air),and do segments of the Post Pregnancy DVD.
healthy eating meal plans
Thanks to Lose Baby Weight for helping me get to my first big goal of 75kg, I have just finished my 2nd cycle of IVF and am hoping for a BFP, I know my 3rd pregnancy would be my most healthiest yet.
I also suffer from chronic back pain,having a slipped disc and since my last pregnancy its now pushing on a nerve-but have noticed a significant change in my pain level since losing weight and becoming healthier. I use to be on strong pain killers to manage the pain but went off them because I didn’t want to damage my body or have a dependance.
I always use to think I couldn’t do anything but I was very wrong,we all can make a change we just have to give it our all. I love what Rhian and the team have done to create such a great program that is so doable and very easy to follow, and the products are great!!
I like to have a Healthy Mummy Smoothie every morning and my absolute favourite combination is the Vanilla Healthy Mummy mix,banana and oats….so simple but a good one.
I’m yet to try all of the yummy smoothies and recipes but i look forward to taking my time to try them all.
The support from the Facebook page is amazing and there is so many inspirational people with fantastic success stories following this program.
As said before this isn’t a diet it is a way of life,its the best lifestyle change i have made and send many thanks to the creator!!
For the July challenge I am setting myself a goal of a 5km walk/jog every single day, I live on the coast of Bundaberg and we have a beautiful paths to walk on right beside the ocean.
I owe it to myself to never give up, and I owe it to everyone else to set a good example.
Tiffany xx

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Lose Baby Weight 26kg Loss
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