With Week 1 of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge well and truly started and Week 2 not too far around the corner, we thought we’d share some of your thoughts, photos and feedback about how you’re going following this week’s healthy eating diet plan and exercise routines.
Well done to everyone who is doing the Challenge – you are doing a great job and your support and inspiration to each other is fantastic.

healthy_eating_planSo many great food photos with comments to match like:

  • “Very filling and delish”
  • “OMG! Yum – the Omelette with a Chinese Twist is delish”
  • Pesto Pasta was our dinner last night. Again it was a hit – husband + toddler friendly”
  • “To save time and some money I made a double batch of last night’s dinner, so it is my lunch today. This (Chicken & Chilli Chickpea Salad) is delish, especially in a yummy toasted pita. Hubby loved it too!”
  • Our beautiful chicken and avo salad from dinner last night. I don’t normally eat avo but it was DELICIOUS! Hubbie and I were both full by the time we finished… Loving that I am trying new things and liking them”
  • “The whole family demolished it (Healthy Pesto Penne) and scraped their bowls clean, even my super picky 5 yr old who never eats all her dinner! So impressed and loving the food so far!!!! Thanks LBW”
  • “I’ll be honest, I screwed my nose up when I saw this morning’s breakfast (Omelette with a Chinese Twist) as I’m not the biggest fan of savoury breakfasts. ..but I honestly enjoyed it so much!”

And the exercises

And you’re doing just as well with exercising and getting active.

  • “How’s everyone else feeling after the Challenge excercises so far? I’m definitely feeling muscles I haven’t felt for a long time. YOU CAN do it, you’ve just got to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF”.
  • “Had a great workout at the gym where I fit in the Challenge exercises and finished off 10,000 steps for the day as well as cross fit. I definitely will feel my legs tomorrow after Challenge and lots of lunges in cross fit!”
  • “It’s my first time doing the Challenge and I will definitely be doing it again regardless of the results. ..loving the exercises and meals! I am rediculously sore in my legs today though…I guess pain is a good sign!”
  • “Whoop! Day 3 done and 3km walk/run”
  • “I smashed out Wednesday’s core exercises! I feel amazing, sweaty & sore, but amazing! Keep up the good work ladies!!”

Keep up the great work everyone and continue posting your pics, thoughts and questions as this is how we support each other and DO THIS TOGETHER!

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