Future Thermo Cookbook feedback

Thank you for purchasing our first ever cookbook created for machines such as the Thermomix and Bellini – and other similar machines
We have had so much feedback on this book and we are always so grateful for all of the feedback
Feedback makes the team who work so hard on the books feel GREAT and it also means that we can improve what we do moving forward – and due to the demand and feedback on our Thermo Cookbook we will definitely create more.
But before we do we would LOVE your official feedback below so we know what you would like us to focus on – plus below you can get your FREE copy of the ebook version which has all ingredients by weight plus we have a conversion chart below too for you.

Your Conversion Chart and Free Thermo Ebook version 

We have had a few people give feedback that they wish that the ingredients had exact weight amounts on as opposed measurements.
With regard to the conversions – to explain the reason we did it like this – it is because we wanted to cater for all machines and many don’t have an integrated scales. Many Thermo style books choose to do what we do because of this – but official Thermomix books are different to ours as they only list weight.
But we totally understand and hear your need for this so we have also just created a conversion chart which we hope will be of use and you can download yours here and print off
Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 11.00.52 AM

Get your FREE copy of the eBook version

Plus we have included all weight next to ingredients in the Ebook version which you have free access to here – this hasn’t been released yet and we have brought it forward for customers who have purchased the hard copy book as a THANK YOU for supporting us – Get your FREE eCopy of the Thermo Book here
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 7.17.21 PM
For future Thermo books we will add exact weights in too
Thank you again for all your feedback – it is much appreciated.
The Healthy Mummy Team x