lose_baby_weightAfter finding out that you’re expecting a baby, talk almost immediately turns to names. Whether you find out the sex or leave it as a suprise, chances are good that there will be a list (or ten) flying around the place in the nine months that you’re pregnant.
Choosing a name for your little cherub can be tough. There’s a whole range of factors influencing your decision and whether you’re choosing for the first or fourth time, you’re probably going to change your mind at least once during the process.
The 2013 Top Baby Names lists were recently released, collated from data collected from Births, Deaths And Marriages registries across Australia. The lists are a great starting point for checking out what you like (and don’t like!) in a name!
We’ve also included the top names to watch in 2014 so that you’re ahead of the game, should you have a baby this year!
You can see the Top Girls Baby names here

Top 20 Boys Names 2013 – Australia Wide

  1. William
  2. Jack
  3. Oliver
  4. Noah
  5. Ethan
  6. Thomas
  7. Lucas
  8. James
  9. Cooper
  10. Jackson/Jaxson
  11. lachlan
  12. Liam
  13. Joshua
  14. Jacob
  15. Samuel
  16. Alexander
  17. Mason
  18. Max
  19. Benjamin
  20. Charlie

Naming Trends In 2014 And Ones To Watch

  • Surnames as first names – Cooper, Hudson, Harrison, Tyler, Hunter
  • Hollywood Inspired – Jacob And Edward (a la Twilight)
  • Biblical – Noah, Ethan, Joshua, Jacob, Caleb, Elijah
  • Inspired by a place – Lincoln, Austin Jordan
  • Heritage favourites – Henry, Edward, George, Charles

To see the girls list for 2013 click here 
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