Round 1 of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge ran in July and was a huge success with thousands of mums taking part and losing tens of thousands of kilos.

The 28 Day Online Weight Loss Challenges will be running in: SEPTEMBER, NOVEMBER, JANUARY, MARCH, MAY, JULY.

Each Challenge will have brand new recipes, exercise and content and will ONLY be available to Challenge members.
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You can join the Challenge here

28 Day Challenge Reviews From Mums

Please see the below feedback from our Private Facebook Group. from mums who have done the 28 Day Challenge and who answered the statement”
  • Susie Armitage Love that the food is yummy- as well as healthy, but not too ‘out there’.
  • Sharon Reeds Love it all!!!
  • Susie Armitage Also love that the calorie count is listed on each meal the weekly plan so its easy to swap some meals around if need be. (Rather than having to look up calories on the recipe like the 28 day plan book).
  • Emma Spencer Love being told what to eat since I don’t have time to sit down and work it out myself
  • Lisa N Trevor Lindsey i love it all and think you have done a wonderful job wouldnt be and easy thing to put together for all us lucky mums
  • Heidi Parlett I like that the exercises are there for each day. You don’t have to choose which exercises to do, they are chosen for you. I prefer this as I always choose the exercises that I find easier so I end up not challenging myself.
  • Tenielle Schutz The support, knowing there is always someone to talk to and you don’t feel alone!
  • Dk Pabillaran Smallridge All of it! It’s very tailored for busy mums! Even the exercises a beginner can easily do xxx
  • Donna Rose The support and that the serves are generous. I am tall and have always been someone that needs to eat decent amounts…..I can’t do the sparrow meals! I love that I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself
  • Angela Johnston I like it all it’s fabulous 
  • Malinda Benetti I love that it is all planned out and so easy to use! It’s also great being motivated buy all the awesome mums going through the challenge together! Love it!! X
  • Sandra Sofia Freitas I love that it’s educating not only me but also my family, the exercises even though are hard at the start, make you feel really good once you have done them and also the fact that you can do them at home without having to leave your little ones….and above all my husband is loving my cooking!!!!! Xx
  • Amanda Jarvis I love that there is so much variety in the food and also love the calories written on the meal plan too. Have got my whole family on to this. My partner is loving my cooking too. I like that the meals have lots of flavour too.
  • Rhiannon Stewart The whole lot!
  • Bell Belinda The recipes are great and very similar to how we normally eat. I’m loving the support from others doing the plan too!
  • Taryn Martin Love that it’s all worked out for me – every meal, every snack. I just need to grocery shop and I’m all set. Saves me so much time and it’s really convenient for me with my hectic family. Love that the exercise is done & dusted in 30 minutes. While it’s a crazy chaos being mum to 3 I can certainly find 30 minutes a day. Also love that the exercises are easy to do at home, in my loungeroom. Getting out to a gym is not do- able for me, yet. Well done LBW Team.
  • Rhiannon Stewart But would like to see maybe a an app made…I find the website does stupid stuff on my phone and I think it would be handy to have while shopping etc.
  • Rhian Allen Thanks so much for the feedback everyone – it is so good to see that 99% of people are loving it! It is an amazing plan and I am so pleased we were able to bring it to you. Am loving seeing all the great pics being posted already too – is definitely thSee More
  • Rhiannon Stewart Rhian Allen…Thank you for the support and great healthy eating ideas
  • Nikki Fowell Love the whole lot! The community support, quick assistance from THM staff, meal plans, website recipes, exercises, calculators and diary 
  • Amy-Jo Kuskopf I’m loving it. My partner and I loved the chilli con carne last night. The exercises are easy to follow and get the heart rate up!
  • Jessica Watson I especially love that wherever I am, I can check the ingredients in a recipe, from my phone and grab any ingredients I need on my way home from work. That is if I’m
    not already organised 
  • Caitlin Clayton I love that I can have a piece of chocolate each day! (Chocoholic here) and because it is dark it’s much richer and I’m satisfied afterwards…if it was dairy milk I’d eat the whole block…winner was though I swapped a few meals around and my husband See More
  • Justine Whatmore It’s great! Feeling very full but satisfied & my legs are killing me. Chia & quinoa also staples in our pantry. Chilli was yum. Think you!
  • Laura Flanagan I am LOVING it all! The exercises are great but I love with a bit of creativity I have turned the week 1 menu into a fortnight that suits both my taste and budget. The thing that LBW has taught me is delish flavour combo’s that I can use as a base for See More
  • Amy Richens ive made my meal plan depending on if im at work or home and when i will have time to cook ect. Somethings are a bit time consuming but the end results have been yummy. A few things that i would like some more info on is drinks. I dont like green teSee More
  • Angeline Hall For me it’s the meals and the variety of food. After losing 20kg last year I’m just maintaining and sticking to healthy eating is so much easier when there are so many great recipes and different ingredients to use – never gets boring and doesn’t feel like you’re constantly on a ‘diet’. I’m not doing the set days and had the fish curry last night, one of my favourite meals that you have ever put out it was amazing!
  • Dee Berry Very affordable and a complete program providing all meals and snacks & shopping list, exercises plus so much support that is easily accessible on any device. The creator of the program is also continually on Facebook helping mums, answering questions,See More
  • Kelly Freeth I’m just really enjoying the preparation and cooking! Some might say thats crazy but i have been cooking the same boring unhealthy meals for years. The recipes on here are great and opening my eyes to portion control. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks and really shifting my mind to healthier meals and snacks!
  • Lisa Hill Love everything!  The food is yummy and plentiful, and if it isn’t to your liking you can swap for another meal. It was within the normal shopping budget. I love how the recipes are really easy to prep and many can be done in advance. 
    You have done a wonderful job, thank you, because of all your time and effort many of us can become fitter and healthier for our kids.
  • Elizabeth Magill Love love just made cheesy carrot soup for lunch huge serving size my baby enjoyed with mum n me one serving lol ohh chilli con carne huge hit with hubby very fussy especially when healthy eating lol had smoothie for dinner bad evening but manage to do most of excersise n nice walk around block with bubs
  • Bek Leota Love the access to the challenge hub and the fb support group!  Love everything about the 28 Day challenge!
  • Claire Lawson Knowing that other mums are out there pushing through the exercises means I keep going long after I would have given up! If everyone else can do them, why can’t I! I’m liking that I’m actually cooking more than the usual standard meals to, branching ouSee More
  • Ali Pickles I am loving been told what to eat!!!
  • Melissa Cay I’m learning to cook meals that are easy, flavoursome and healthy. Its a total lifechanger for me. I also need specific directions on workouts so this challenge is perfect for me.
  • Hayley Smith I love that the whole family can enjoy the meals aswell. You don’t have to prepare different meals for them  my lil kids enjoyed the chilli con carne tonight 
  • Lauren Kolstad I’m loving it, its the motivation (and public accountability, as I posted pics on the facebook group) that I need to kick start my weight loss! I love the support, the food and the exercise – as a busy working mum I was surprised how well it suits my lSee More
  • Donna Mossman I have done the 12wbt which is very similar, this being cheaper. But have to say the best part about it is this page and the help and the support from everyone. The added bonus that Rhian Allen is here to answer our questions all hours of the day which is very comforting.
  • Donna Mossman It makes our journey very personal like you are actually with us the whole way, we are not just a number if that makes sense.
  • Claire Lawson So true Donna! I’m loving the group, the feedback and the support. This is a great challenge Rhian, great work! x
  • Cheryl Lee I find myself committing more to this program than any other as we are all in it together, cooking the same dishes, talking about it and doing the exercises. It makes you stick to the plan and exercise even if you don’t feel like it sometimes.
  • Rhian Allen Great stuff Cheryl Lee – good to hear x
  • Tasheena Snow makes me feel more motivated to get my workouts done and try different exercises. I love the variety of the food especially the snacks and dinners and not having to think about what should be eating.

You can see all details on the Challenge here