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Breastfeeding can be a difficult journey for a lot of new mothers – and there aren’t many mums who don’t question, at least once, whether they are producing enough milk for their growing bub!
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Ultimately, your doctor or midwife should be your first port of call with any concerns about adequate supply, but there are also a few foods you can eat that will encourage your body to ramp up milk production.
The Healthy Mummy team are all about making things easier and more delicious for mums, so we’ve incorporated these tried-and-tested ingredients into yummy recipes in this Milk Supply Boosting Recipe eBook
Give your milk supply a nutritious boost, while also lifting your mood with a scrumptious treat. Because you deserve it.
The book has 10 healthy and yummy recipes to help to support your supply
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The Healthy Mummy & Boosting Milk Supply

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You can download our Healthy Mummy Smoothie information flyer here
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