The Chia seed originates in South America and was used by the Aztecs as a major energy source.
They ate the seeds, pressed them for oil, drank them in water and used them in medicines.
Chia seeds are available in two colors; black and white. Manufacturers advise that aside from the colour difference, the seed itself is virtually the same with regards to size, taste and smell.
Today we grow Chia seeds in Australia. They are the only wholegrain that can be eaten raw with the whole seed still intact.
They are readily available in both health food stores and in the health food aisle of your local supermarket and we are excited to announce that we are now selling our own range of Australian Healthy Mummy Chia Seed – non imported and with no pesticides – you can buy them from here.
In the health food store, many people used to ask me how do you eat them and what do they taste like? Well basically I would tell them, they are so simple to add to your meals because they don’t really have a taste.
They are not sensitive to heat either so you can add them to soups, casseroles or smoothies. You can even add them to your home made baby foods without your baby spitting them out.
My favourite way of eating Chia seeds is to add them straight to my oats in the morning. It guarantees I get a good hit of Omega 3’s and a good deal of fibre as well.
You could add a teaspoon to your Healthy Mummy Smoothie and you could also add them to lots of other dishes.
Another great thing about Chia seeds is the amount of micronutrients they contain. These include calcium, magnesium and potassium – hence why they are sometimes referred to as natures superfood.
They are also high in protein, gluten free, and a great source of wholegrains.
Chia seeds are a great choice for diabetics too. Just 1 tablespoon a day can help stablise blood sugar levels in people with diet-controlled Type 2 Diabetes.
As most of us know the recommended amount of fibre is at least 30g daily. Chia Bran is perfect for people looking to increase the fibre in their diet. Chia Bran is the husk of the Chia seed which consists of 55.5% dietary fibre and 26.1% complete protein.
Lastly a great health benefit of Chia is that it has the effect of thickening or bulking up food. It can therefore can give you a full sensation when you add it to food. This can result in you eating fewer calories over the day and help assist with weight loss long term.
Chia also provides a slow release of energy, which can sustain you for longer.
So if you haven’t already, why not try some today?  The newly available Healthy Mummy Chia Seed is available from here

Written by Elisha Danine, Nutritionist
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