Laura Flanagan and her husband have lost a massive 58kgs between them using The Healthy Mummy Plans.
My name is Laura and I am a Healthy Mummy Motivating Mum. I have been using The Healthy Mummy plans and programs since December last year and have so far lost 34 kilos and my husband 24 kilos, it has transformed our lives so much and we are finally the fit and healthy versions of ourselves we always dreamed we could be.
Since I last wrote I had a bit of an epiphany for lack of a better word. I decided after losing 34 kilos that it was time to take the focus off weight loss as a number and concentrate more on enjoying exercise and cooking really healthy food and loving it. I also decided it was time to start loving my new body more and appreciating how far I’ve come in such a short time.
In the two weeks since changing focus I have noticed a massive change in both my attitude and how my clothes are fitting. I feel so much happier and less anxious about whether I’m hitting weight loss targets and I’ve noticed my clothes are fitting better so I wouldn’t be surprised if the scales are going down. If you haven’t taken a break from a period of strict, target driven goals I strongly encourage it, you never know, it might be a kick start or positive game changer that you never even knew was possible.
This fortnight The Healthy Mummy Kids Cookbook has been released which I purchased straight away and as a family we are loving it! My son is now 13 months old so we are moving on from separate meals and now enjoying eating the same foods together at meal time. Last week instead of our usual takeaway that my hubby and I get on a Friday I decided to make the sweet potato falafel balls from the book – we put them in pita pockets with some salad for us and the little man had them as they were, they were a massive hit! That’s the beauty of The Healthy Mummy, everything is so family friendly.

laura flanagan6
Part of my ‘exercise for fun’ focus has had me revisiting some of my favourite workouts. The punching bag is getting good use again as well as my aerobic stepper and my old favourites, my exercise bike, walks around the lake and Healthy Mummy DVD. On Monday I decided to add some hand weights to my bike session and found it was a fantastic way to combine cardio and strength training. I have also started strapping my little one in the Ergo (baby carrier) in witching hour and doing laps of my extremely hilly street, he loves it and I get some extra toning work in at the same time.
I think the biggest thing I am taking out of my new approach is that it’s about doing what you love and feeling healthy. Enjoy your exercise, eat food that tastes great and makes your body energised and strong. Appreciate any weight loss or body changes that you have made and love who you are, you can be confident at any weight and a smile goes such a long way.
Until next time, stay positive,
Laura xx
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