healthy eating recipesSo you’re doing the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and following the healthy eating meal plans plus adding in exercise throughout the day but then you look at your diary and realise you have your best friend’s birthday party to go to or dinner at your mother-in-law’s house or a BBQ for one of your children’s friend’s birthdays.
How do you continue to eat well and make healthy choices when special occasions arise? What do you take along without seeming rude? Or how do you get around avoiding the cakes, lollies and sometimes unhealthy food options that other people might serve?
It’s really quite easy, here are our top tips. Just visit the recipe hub here and type in the recipe name in the search bar to find it:

  • If asked to bring a plate to share choose a salad from the Recipe Hub like the Basil Pesto Potato Salad, the Caesar Salad or the Baked Chicken with Sweet Potato Salad.
  • If you’re going to a BBQ and need to bring a long something for the grill then prepare some of the meats from Challenge recipes like the kebabs from the Lamb Kebabs with Greek Salad & Tzatziki or the skewers from the Chicken Skewers with Mango Salad.
  • If you’re in charge of dessert then try the Chocolate Coconut Crumble, Tropical “Ice Cream” or the Clever Chocolate Mousse.
  • Or if you have to bring along some nibbles then try preparing a selection of the tasty dips from the Challenges like the Roasted Carrot Dip or the Caramelised Onion Dip with Carrot Sticks.
  • If you’re hosting the event then there are loads of healthy recipes you can choose from to share with a group of people. In the colder months make a stew style meal like the Lamb Shanks with Parsnip Mash & Greens as you can prepare it ahead of time and not be stuck in the kitchen when your friends arrive.

If you don’t have any say on what food is being served at a dinner party or special celebration then just look for the healthiest options – there will usually always be some vegetables and lean meats you can choose.
If all else fails and there really are no healthy options then you obviously have to be polite and try some of what your hosts are offering. Just eat wisely, try not to overload on the unhealthy foods and realise that you can get back to your healthy eating plan once you get home.
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