We know that a healthy diet and regular exercise can help with post pregnancy weight loss and will also benefit your new born baby. It is very common for women to stock up on nutrients during pregnancy because you will be ‘eating for two’, and this notion also holds true for post maternity mums!
The reason for this is that you will still need the energy and endurance to keep up with your newly gained ‘mum’ duties while recovering from the intense but very rewarding process of childbirth – as well as to support your milk supply if you are breastfeeding. 
However, how do you incorporate nutrition into your daily diet plan to lose weight while giving your child the nutrients that she/he needs? Here are 4 food groups that you can consider putting into your weight loss plan to ensure a balanced nutrition for your body.

  • Protein – This is an important part of the food group as it gives you the energy boost that is needed to cope with the daily hustle and bustle of caring for your young one. Choose eating lean meat over fatty ones to help with weight loss. Lean meat is filled with iron and vitamin B-12 that can help you maintain the energy that is so vital in postnatal daily activities. As a result of blood loss during delivery, it is important that you replenish the iron in your body. Protein such as meat, fish and poultry contain a good amount of iron which will help you regain your zest and energy. Also the Healthy Mummy smoothie has over 10g of protein in each serving and when you add 200ml of milk the protein per smoothie will be around the 20g mark.
  • Vegetables and grains – Most women suffer from postpartum constipation and haemorrhoids. During pregnancy, progesterone slows down intestinal tracts and the growing uterus puts more pressure on the veins below the uterus which enlarges them and causes haemorrhoids. To help ease bowel movement and reduce haemorrhoids, make sure that you consume high-fibre foods such as legumes, green lentils, beans and wheat bran.
  • Water – Believe it or not, water is classified as a food group and is very important for postnatal recovery and keeping up your general health. Water helps to soften stool which eases constipation and it also helps to compensate for the loss of water through milk production. In addition, our cells need water to function properly and to optimise blood flow around the body for a quicker postpartum recovery and weight loss.

Check out some of our healthy weight loss recipes that contain these food groups to ensure that you are well stocked with wholesome nutrition in order to maintain your own vitality whilst caring for your baby.
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine that are safe in breastfeeding and can help support your milk supply

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