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How the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Works

The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has been developed specifically for BUSY MUMS
It provides the tools and resources to incorporate healthy eating and exercise as part of a Mum’s regular lifestyle.
The Challenge provides 28 Days of recipes, exercise routines and support systems to enable a Mum to set some weight loss goals and get closer to achieving these in an accessible way.

ChallengeChallenge Fast Facts

•28 days of meal plans, 350 recipes and daily exercise plans with videos
•All plans are created for BUSY MUMS
•All menus and shopping lists are customisable and flexible to suit family budgets
•Plans are breastfeeding friendly
•Supportive community and private group with 1000’s of other mums
* Join the early bird membership for a 33% discount and pay only $39.95

The Challenge in detail

The meals are all family focused, often taking family favourites such as Rissoles and Chips or Chicken Parmigiana and providing a healthier alternative. This allows Mum to stick to her healthy eating diet plan and still please the family with their favourite meals. It also encourages the whole family to get on board with healthy food choices.

One of the most exciting parts of the 28 Day Challenge is that the next Round is customisable. Participants will be able to create their own Meal Plans and Shopping Lists. So if they have particular tastes or food requirements, need to feed their whole family, want to stick to a grocery budget etc – they can create the daily Meal Plans to suit their needs, they will be in control.

Together with the Meal Plans and recipes, the 28 Day Challenge provides daily exercise routines that can easily be incorporated into a busy Mum’s life. The routines can be done in around 30 minutes a day and allow participants to record their progress, test themselves regularly to see what they’ve achieved and challenge themselves further when needed. The exercises are explained with easy to understand instructions and videos.

As well as the food and exercise component of a healthy weight loss plan, there should be lots of support and access to resources. 

The Challenge Hub

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge provides a “Challenge Hub” where all parts of the plan come together. Progress results are stored, meal plans created, exercise routines made available each day plus access to support and further resources to help with weight loss goals.

The support made available throughout and after the 28 Day Challenge is amazing. There is a private Facebook Group where participants can come together to share their successes, get motivation and encouragement, ask for help, offer advice or just have a chat to other Mums who understand what they’re going through. The group is a bit like your own group of mentors or personal trainers, all cheering you on to achieve what you’ve set out to do.

The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge really is a fantastic weight loss plan loaded with resources and support at an accessible price. The Challenge will enable Mums (and you’d be surprised at how many Dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents etc want to get involved too once they see it in action) to make easy changes to their lives that will make them healthier and most importantly happier.

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