Hi everyone!
As most of you probably know – our website team have been BUSILY working on stage 1 of our App over the past few months –
And of TODAY 7 Jan BOTH are now available on Android and Apple

About the App

My brief to our developers was:

“We are all busy, time poor mum with little tolerance for things not working or things being complicated so make it simple, easy to use and USEFUL so when we have had no sleep, we can still work it out”.  

I am confident that they have met this brief and I hope you love it and are kind to us in your feedback 🙂
For those not quite aware of what is involved in App builds – it is an ENORMOUS job – especially for us with the 28 Day Challenge.
Our needs for the 28 Day Challenge App are quite complex too so it has made the creation of the App a complex process with a large team of web developers and designers working on it
As most of you also know I am personally 110% committed to ensuring that we continuously improve our support and offering to you and this is why I have been so passionate about bringing the App to you.

So without further ado – here is the App update

1) Version 1 is completed
2) The App is a FREE App for 28 Day Challenge members and is designed to complement the existing 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – it is on Android and Apple
3) Version 1 is read only meaning you can’t customise your meal plans or enter exercise reps
Click here for the Apple version
Click here for the Android version
4) Whatever you customise your shopping lists and food on the website will be reflected on your App
5) Version 2 will be released in March and the team are already working on the second stage of the App launch
6) Version 2 will include full customisation and will also include full access to the recipe hub
If you have feedback on things you also want included please email them to [email protected] and the web development team will take them into consideration
If you have any issues or spot anything not looking right please contact [email protected] 


Q) Can I access now?
Yes you can
Q) Will it be on Apple & Android?
Yes it is on BOTH
Q) Why can’t I customise?
The full development was going to take 6 months, so I made the decision to release a read only version at the 3 month mark so you all had a version 1 to use on your mobiles. Yes it would be ideal if everything could launch at the same time but I didn’t want to wait until March to use the Challenge on my mobile when I cooked and exercised, so I figured you would be the same.
Q) So everything I amend when I customise will show on the App?
Yes it will – whatever you amend/enter on the site for stats, serve size, shopping lists etc will talk directly to the App and any changes you make will be reflected there.
Q) Do I need to pay for it?
No it is FREE to all 28 Day Challenge members
If you have feedback on things you also want included please email them to [email protected] and the web development team will take them into consideration
And if you haven’t yet joined the Challenge – you can join here